Tuesday, November 20, 2018
We're flashing back again here -- back to September when my darling Olivia turned SIX. Six! I cannot believe that my first baby is six.

We were in Utah visiting family over her birthday, and I forgot to take my big camera with us so her party was just captured on my phone, and I think that's mostly why it's taken me two months to blog about it (I do better about documenting here when I have "real" photos to share ;)). I'm finally 100% motivated to move her big day off of my phone and to here because our Claire is already turning FOUR (four!), so I've got to get Olivia's in the books!

Olivia's birthday was long anticipated. She is such a party girl, so her big day always is one with a special countdown. Like I said up there, we were in Utah for her birthday, and I knew all along that I wanted to surprise her with a big swim party at the pool near her grandparents' house -- it's a classic that Ryan and I both grew up swimming in and it's recently been renovated -- it was the perfect spot for her to party. She is our water baby, and it was a big enough place for her and her big, best cousins to run and swim wild. She had no idea that I had this up my sleeve, and when I told her about the party the night before it happened, her jaw dropped and she CHEERED. ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’›

I love Olivia's enthusiasm for everything so much. One of her biggest gifts to our family is her sheer joy for everything. She feels deeply and expresses loudly and she moves people while she does. Olivia is a magnet -- people love her. I love her. My heart will always have a deep respect for Olivia and her resiliency. She has bounced back from so many first-mom mistakes on my part...she has loved me so much. She means everything to me. I have no doubt that she will be my best friend for life.

Her party lasted two hours and could have lasted four. Everyone was so happy, especially our big girl. My mama heart swelled watching her...

These cute kids belong to my brother and two of my cousins, which BLOWS my mind for a second. We were just these little kids in the pool!
 At the top o' the slide with Uncle Nicky!
Olivia's greatest fans (plus the mama behind the camera) :) We had a lot of family there that night between Ryan's family, my family, and our cousins, and everyone had such a good time!

She acted like she didn't want some love that night at her BDAY BBQ...
HA. She is a lover!
HBD to our beautiful girl. We love you, Olivia Joy!!!
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