Friday, September 26, 2014
Miss Olivia is TWO. As shocking as it may be that my baby is now a toddler - I get it. She doesn’t babble, roll, and people-watch anymore. Olivia talks, runs, and problem-solves. It seems like she has been with us for forever, too. Slash, I don’t really feel like she was “just born"...am I the worst for saying that? It lacks sweet nostalgia, I know, but I think it's also a bright, neon sign about how mine and Ryan's life together was meant to include her! The last two years have been totally wonderful in new, unexpected ways simply because of Olivia.

So she has been playing pretend like mad. Her imagination runs, that girl, especially about kitchen stuff and cooking, so our gift to her this year was a “tiny kinchen!” (her phrase). We hunted for a simple, wooden something for weeks, and finally nabbed one at a consignment sale three days before her birthday. I thought I’d repaint it - that's a bunch of pastel - but it’s growing on me so maybe I won’t?? 
These photos of the first sight are sooooo blurry, but I'm putting shame aside and including them for the history books. I thought I was ready for her to come down, but my fingers turned to butter as my sweet girl sprinted down the stairs. Probably because my heart turned to butter. She loved it way more than we hoped. Giving your child gifts is the best thing in the entire world!!
Go get it, girl...
We literally pried her away to open presents from family. And we filmed this part - see below! - she's saying, "Tank you ev'body!" to the iPad in those last few photos...
And for the party! It was such a blast, even if I basically repeated last year’s approach. Everything was about present-day Olivia and her favorite things. I had her input this go-round, though (which I so loved): she wanted a treasure box with tiny toys, candy, and cake. So we invited a football team of friends over to find a treasure box full of candy, and to then eat cake! It was a to-the-point, 55-minute bash - designed for the toddlers by a toddler.  
Indulging in the treasure! If you only knew how the Playground saved my wood floors from natural, awesome, toddler destruction. I fall farther for that thing the more I put her to use. She gives me such incredible peace of mind.
Oh heavens, that cake. I don't do cakes (clearly). My homemade buttercream frosting was not sticking to a single crumb, so at T-10 minutes, I finally smothered it like a mad woman and dumped a bottle of sprinkles on it. I wanted only two things in my life during that insanity: my mom (she can do everything) and that I had taken atly's FREE Buttercream Basics class (I am now enrolled). Supposedly it tasted good, though, thank heaven!
All the partying went down on Saturday, and on Sunday - her actual big day -  we celebrated with a breakfast of classic pancakes. With "boo berries!" (nothing less for her). The entire weekend was just sweet and left me feeling really grateful - really really grateful - that Miss Olivia is ours.

Happiest birthday, two-year-old Olivia! You will never know how much you are loved. Never. xoxox, Mama + Dad
PS! Trying to keep faraway family involved via some video. And don't worry, I know it's THE most amateur thing ever. I had so little time to put it together, let alone make it legit. Something is better than nothing, yeah? :)

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  1. Dear Jeni and Ryan,
    The video was so darling and gave us a glimpse of our sweet Olivia's life. She looks more like her mother every time we see her. You are such a sweet Mom, Jeni. Thank you. We love you.
    Grandpa and Grandma Burr

    1. Definitely my favorite comment ever received on this blog...thank you, Grandma and Grandpa! I love you both so very much. xoxoxo


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