Monday, September 23, 2013
Our Olivia babe is officially ONE. No better way to top off a great 365 than with a good ol' party, right? We invited a good chunk of our friends from the neighborhood and then some, plus our family that's around. All together - moms, dads, babies, kids - about 50 of some favorites gathered to celebrate on Friday. It was a bash. Wahoo!
Confession: I am not the mom that plans her child's party for weeks, although those on-top-of-it moms do rock. Also, I'm finding that my style is pretty minimalist; three of my favorite descriptors are bright, clean, and simple. So four days before show time, I chose the easy theme, "Olivia's Favorite Things," and we literally indulged in her favorites. The party was held at the big playground, we ate her #1 finger foods, and loved the company of our friends.
Lucky us, Grandpa A. came, too! He was in town for business. Good thing. How we love him.
Just a fraction of our friends and their babes (I'm kicking myself for not getting a pic of the entire crowd)! Our dream came true as so many came to party. Young, baby-laden, sleep deprived, and happy - we love our friends and sharing this season of life with them.
It's the norm, right, that at some point you cry at your party if you want to?? Olivia babe was done when we brought her awesome cupcake (cakes are so not my thing - props, Pillsbury, for the funfetti mix). The candle flame bugged her, and her response to the close crowd singing "Happy Birthday" was "Ya creeps." Olivia. :)
We love Olivia for making us a threesome. Year one has proven that our future together is bright, come what may. Happiest first birthday to our sweetest girl! 

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  1. what a fun cute party jeni! I can't believe she's one already! time goes by so quickly now doesn't it? What cute parents you two are.


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