Thursday, October 5, 2017
We basically worshipped her for her entire birthday weekend, our fabulous, five-year-old Olivia. Juuust kidding just kidding, not worshipped. But was the doll adored and dotted-on? Yes. Olivia is a feeler - she runs on her emotions - so something like having her very own day to celebrate her very own entry into the world always feels "soooo amazingly special!" Which is amazingly awesome for Mom, because whatever we do on her day is perfect, even (if not especially?) a last-minute friend party, aptly titled, "Costumes + Cupcakes..."

True to tradition, I asked Olivia what she thought would be fun for an easy birthday party, and she voted that her friends come over in their favorite costumes and we decorate cupcakes. AND ice cream cones. DONE, my girl!

Crazy-faced, cutest kids below (and to think that I thought we wouldn't have a single friend for the girls during this limbo summer. HA! Each of these kids are our neighbors!) 
I snagged a sparkler "candle" to add a lil pizazz to the party -- it only struck fear in our birthday girl's heart, so we tried again...
 Theeere's the ticket! :)
Pretty sure Miss Rapunzel had a good time! Actually Claire said that she wants her "birfday party to be JUST like Livya's." Baby Girl has two months to change her mind about that one, buuuut my guess is that she won't. :)
 Miss O also requested that we watch a funny movie after the decorating party. "MINIONS, Mom. Every kid loves Minions."
 Looks like it (also looks like 1/3 of the children in the area suck a finger of some sort, haha)!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear Olivia girl. Pretty sure I've said this at every other landmark of your beautiful life, but Olivia RIGHT NOW, my five-year-old girl, is my favorite Olivia yet. I love your smile, your quick wit, your drive (never seen a kid conquer fears like you can!). You're a prank-player, a sister-saver (the way you lead and love your little sisters means everything to me), and a genuine lover. Cheers to 50 more years with you, baby girl. XOXOXOXOX!
Per tradition -- Olivia is BORN. Olivia is ONE. Olivia is TWO. Olivia is THREE. Olivia is FOUR!

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