Monday, September 21, 2015
And I think she's the happiest three-year-old on the planet. We celebrated her allll weekend and the party's not stopping today - today is her actual day (happy birthday, Olivia!!!) We threw her birthday party on Saturday night. This year she requested strawberry cake, popcorn, and all of her fwends for her bash. I suggested that we throw an outdoor movie in there and she was so down. Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy was the show of choice. Some dear friends brought a couple gallons of popcorn (no lie), I threw three cakes together (ever the story of my birthday-party-throwing life), and we celebrated Miss Olivia, the world's newest three-year-old.
Looking so serious here, but don't be fooled, she was thrilled about every gift. This is such a fun age, because gifts this year had meaning - Olivia literally felt joy from receiving them. She's been sleeping with this one card from our friends Jane and Andrew - it has cupcakes that dance all around singing happy birthday. And no I'm not kidding, she sleeps with it. :)
There's that card I mentioned above! No time for camera smiles with that thing. Also, I took 0 seconds to get myself ready for this party. I was running around to the very last second instead (just like last year - remember?) I ALWAYS underestimate the time it takes to do everything. Cest le vie. I'll get my act together one a' these days! :)
Show time! Thanks to our dear Daddy for setting the tech stuff up. I love you, Ryan Awerkamp. 
Miss Olivia kept breaking my heart all night - in the best kind of way. She was so sweet, and I felt this rush over and over again because of it. And because I simply LOVE her. My favorite part of the night was as our friends were singing "Happy Birthday," she turned to me before blowing the candles and said with those bright, squinty eyes, "Mom, I am so so so happy...I just wuv you." Then she kissed me, she blew her candles one by one, and yes, then I melted into a puddle on the grass.

I love you, Olivia. I love our life together. You are my best teacher and dearest friend already. Where in the world would I be without you?? Nowhere near here. xoxoxox forever!
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