Tuesday, June 28, 2016
I meant what I said a couple posts back -- took the big camera out over the weekend to memorialize one of our sunny SD adventures. I don't know why the accountability trigger is pulled by writing something it down/saying it aloud, but it sure is that way for me. At least when something is really important to me, like cementing our moments into memories. Makes me wonder if I should be verbalizing more around here... ;)

We went to the tide pools here in La Jolla, and holy wow. It was beautiful + we're officially in love. I know that the spot is popular - but for any beach-life newbie like me out there - you must put this on your to-do list the next time you're in SD! The "beach" was unlike any I've ever enjoyed, which added a lot to the beauty for me. There isn't sand, just rock; locals still set out beach towels and chairs to soak up sun, waves, and water. The tiny pools and endless amount of shells to collect and creatures to find made it such a winner for the girls. The best part -- the water that collected and had been sitting in the pools that morning was WARM. As in it had no ocean chill at all (!!) We were up and down, in and out of those water spots the whole time. I loved it. 

But seriously, had we not parked in a time-limited spot, we would not have left. All day. Either Ryan or I would've ran and grabbed food (and extra sunscreen - we ran out!), and we would've made that place Home. 
First of all, I'm glad my test pics caught my guy swooping his hair out of the way, the babe. 
He's going to megggga roll his eyes at me for those ones. :)
Second of all, fair warning, if it looks like Claire collected rocks all day, hallelujah, these photos tell the truth. An alternate title for this post could be "Claire Collected Rocks all Day." It's the 19-month-old age. :) I love her!!!

We saw this little guy tromping around, and when we scrambled to get a good look at him, he dashed under this rock, clippers out in front for sure saying, "Ayyy you leave me alone..." :)
The tide turned high while we were there. It was awesome! The scene went from this...
To this. In a matter of seconds, of course. The ocean is such a marvel!
Miss Olivia worked this bit of magic on her own -- "Look guys! A HEART. Isn't it sooo sweet?" :)
Sister Bear working hard to keep those rocks in those tiny paws...
Aha! She won!
The girls picked that particular, tiny little pool for their house, and we sat in that warm, sun-saturated water for a loooong time - cooking, playing, bathing our feet, rock collecting (if you're Claire), rock holding (if you're Mom). I have it rough, I tell you. Playing with my baby girls alllll the time is just so hard. ;)
I don't know if the crab below was the same one from up above (my guess is yes?), but this little guy was funny. He danced side-to-side - claws out front - snapping and hissing like we were giants or something. :) It was so fun to see him, plus the barnacles and whatever else was all around the rocks (I need to study this Pacific Ocean thing)!
The other animal sighting of the day was Little Turtle below. ;) Olivia dubbed him her son, and she recruited Claire to come help her take care of him. They fed him, obviously, loved him, talked to him. At one point, Olivia had to go to a meeting, so she asked me to "babysit him, pwease." Yes ma'am. Little Turtle was an easy thing, I'd be happy to take care of him any day, Miss O. 
After I snapped these, I put the camera away for the rest of the time and we just existed. We spent the rest of the party getting full off of sunshine, more of Olivia's running imagination, and time together. So "the end" -- to the first chunk of that adventure. Enjoy a couple shots of Claire collecting rocks on your way out. :) See ya next time, Tide Pools!!


  1. Let's go THERE when we visit you guys! Forget Disneyland! 😉

    1. Pffff what's Disneyland? ;)

      Joking aside, I reaaalllly can't wait for that day when you're down here and/or when we're up there/when we're together again. Really can't wait! xoxox

  2. these moments are just the sweetest! love your happy grateful self, Jeni, and Claire is GROWING!

    1. Right back at you, sister. And I know...she's tall and old (tears)! Can't wait for her and Stan Man to date again when we're back. Love you!!

  3. Your little girls are so cute. <3


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