Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Come Friday, our SD summer is half-way done (huuuge gasp). I can't believe that. I don't know if I want to believe it! Have we even done anything yet? ;) This summer is sprinting compared to our last summer in the Bay. Maybe this is silly, but I think part of this fleeting feeling is coming from the fact that I haven't pulled out my big camera and really taken photos of an adventure so far. Not one (as you can obviously tell - every post has bee a slew of iPhone shots). Really photographing our life helps me soak up our memories so. So! For the last five weeks, I'll get on my camera game + feel a tad more fulfilled about everything that's going on. 

Actually, the first adventure below of our Saturday (June 11) Downtown + at the Harbor was a day that I really wished I had my DSLR. That area is so much fun. Its details make up such a personality and charm, like that King Crab (!!) from the Open Air Seafood Market on the dock. Yes, that insane creature! We talked to this family below for a while about their fisherman's lifestyle, which is absolutely amazing. They are incredible people. We're going back for one of those crabs before we go. 
We got to see this gem that day! Olivia snapped the pics for us - see my Insta post here. Nice job, Olivia girl!
The infamous USS Midway is right along the Harbor, too, and we toured it that day -- for free! Put this on your calendar, prospective SD visitors, admission to the Midway is FREE on the Saturday before Flag Day IF you are wearing red, white, and blue (wish I would've known that by my own volition! Sorry, Flag)!
Claire had been sleeping in the stroller while we listened to a veteran talk about the ship, and when she woke up Olivia said, "Come here baby, let me hold you." Makes me smile, because Claire is developmentally gaining on Olivia, which they both know, and yet they both love that Olivia still dotes on her baby sisto. I love these two.
We weren't ready to stay home by the time we finished Downtown, so we changed into our suits, grabbed s'more stuff and skipped over to La Jolla shores for a super healthy dinner on the beach. :) The fire pits were all snagged, but we ate our treats anyway - i.e., please note Claire. Yes that's the giant Hershey's chocolate bar, and yes, it was very much all hers. :) That girl! She eats and eats and eats. Oh it is love (which I happily get). :)
We were back Downtown the following Tuesday, June 14! We took the kids to a trolley station somewhere east of the city? (I still hardly know where I am here!), bought a couple tickets to ride, and cruised along till we reached the old County Building. We had plans to play at Waterfront Park but we ran out of time, so we trolleyed back. Waterfront is awesome, though, so we'll be back for round two soon. 

PS, these kids do not love each other. At all. :)
I don't know what's happening in this picture, but something is seriously happening... :)
Wednesday morning found us without any June Gloom, so I took the girls swimming all morning -- good thing I didn't shower them up before lunch, because Claire went crazy with the yogurt...
Which Olivia, of course, loved. They were belly laughing so hard together, which made it so hard for me to be mad at the mess. I'm just a sucker for a good, happy, little-kid mess!
On Friday we hit Torrey Pines' beach again (we'd gone on Monday, too) - this time with more friends! We bagged Claire's nap that day and stayed out in that glorious sun from 11-3. The girls crashed in the car, so I capitalized and spent the next two hours driving around the county scoping out neighborhoods for our future SD home. A lot of mine and Ryan's free time/mental space has been spent on finding where our SD home should's a tad daunting to be on this edge of real life. How are we this old, because we're so not old (aren't I still 17?!) Growing up is weird, is all.
Saturday -- we had our Daddy home! We swam, dashed to Finding Dory, and spent the evening in downtown La Jolla getting gelato for Father's Day (at an incredible joint - when you come visit us we'll take you there)! We watched the sun set over the ocean blue. Two of our man's favorite things is ice cream and a Pacific sunset, so the night was fun. Except for the mega tantrums that ensued from both girls about 30 minutes in to the party. We were getting *those* looks from people about being *those* parents. Ah well. :)
All is well. 


  1. love this Jeni! So fun to catch up on your adventures. What an amazing place. So fun you get to be there with Chrissy!! Love love love that.

    1. The only thing we need to make this place a real paradise is your presence, my girl! Cannot wait for the day that we SD together!! xoxo

    2. The only thing we need to make this place a real paradise is your presence, my girl! Cannot wait for the day that we SD together!! xoxo


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