Friday, February 5, 2016
A few things I'm loving today (from left to right, top to bottom)...

- Learning about Rose Marie Reid. Have you ever heard of her? I hadn't until I was skimming through BYU's Alumni magazine -- she is unreal.  She revolutionized women's swimsuit in the 1930's. Her swimsuit company grossed more than $10,000 in the middle of the Great Depression. ?!?!? Yeah, inspiring. I'm loving most that Rosie was all about including her faith as a corporate, design superstar. She is so cool. Listen to her speak all about that HERE.

- My latest design project - our "Color Blocks!" I made those little blocks up there (plus six more) for the girls for Christmas. We have loved them. I'm getting ready to launch them in an up-and-coming little shop, because maybe someone will love them as much as we have? Trying to stay sharp around here with design stuff in general and loving it!

- That Claire suddenly has a stash of favorite books. "Little Blue Truck" is one of them. She also loves "Goodnight Moon" and "Goodnight Gorilla" (duh. Classics). We weaned from nursing this last week (bittersweet - but mostly sweet. It was time). Claire really clicked with reading together at bedtime for our one-on-one time, and when your baby starts to love reading, mm! That's a pro of growing-up babies. So grow, my Claire Bear, grow! 

- Chocolate crinkle cookies from a friend that doesn't bake. She thought I might like them, and well, I ate 6 of them immediately (no shame!) sooo, yes, I happened to love them. This particular friend is climbing her way up a real steep life mountain, so to think that she stopped for a sec just to be kind to me touched me so. She's inspired me. You always have the time and strength to be kind, huh? I love good, kind friends.

Okay ONE more -- little Olivia's tiny hands up in that photo. They're my very favorite thing of all. Olivia saw me taking this pic and immediately ran over - "Mom, here. Lemme help you wif the blocks...okay. That looks good now, Mom (thumbs up)." Sheesh, kill me now, Olivia. I love you so so so so much!

Loving life all together. Happy Friyay, friends.  


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