Wednesday, June 24, 2015
There is a magical place off Highway 1, right alongside the Pacific, and when you come to visit us we're taking you there. Swanton's Strawberry Farm. It's a dream. Laura and I ventured out there on Tuesday to pick strawberries -- and to think that we were hesitant to go!! These little day trips take work, and after we'd done all the prepping - like right as we were putting Laura's baby James into my car - we were like, "Are we sure about this??" But we bagged the what-ifs and we went, ha-le-lu-jah. I can't describe the perfection of the day. 
Olivia's picks!
 Olivia's eats. :) Can't blame the girl, the berries were way too good to not eat smack dab in the middle of the field.
Gang for the day! Grateful to have had Laura with me. She is a blast and baby James is an angel (I am not exaggerating there).
Swanton's little shop is ahhhhmazingly darling. Step inside and say hello to the 1950's. You grab a box, pick your berries, go back to the shop and weigh your goods, and then pay at the "Honor Till." Yes!! No employee is hovering around, they're about cleaning and making the shop's strawberry desserts. After you pay, buy some strawberry shortcake - at least - if not the strawberry lemonade, strawberry cheescake, strawberry-apple cider...then sit back and stay a while.
We walked to the truck at the farm's entrance before we left - we couldn't pass it up. It's not some trendy little thing, it was the real deal farm truck. Olivia was striking poses (yeah girl!), and for our mama-girl pic she said, "Hop up by me, mama!" :)
Bless that beautiful day on the coast, in the dirt, with my girls and a good friend. It came after a hard few days for me -- my body and soul were tired. So grateful we put fatigue and fears aside and went! 


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