Monday, July 8, 2013

My maternal grandparents live in a river valley town that is almost too good for words. Koosharem is placid and green, where you grow your own vegetables, catch your own dinner, and enjoy your own porch when weather permits. So that's what we did on this Koosharem 4th of July - we fished, porch sat, and enjoyed the peaceful valley. 

While leaving the pond Thursday night, we talked about what we loved in our wonderful America. My brother said entrepreneurship, my nephew said Hawaii. I mentioned Revolutionary patriots, Ryan noted true American pride. My grandpa talked about the zeal of our founding fathers and that we, like them, must remember God and consult Him in our lives as they did in theirs. Their prayers and belief blessed us with this nation, right? Who knows what our active faith in God today can do for someone else?

This is my country, the land that I love! From the mountains, to the valleys - God ever bless America. 


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