Tuesday, June 5, 2018
I didn't include this last realization about myself in my last post - my post about what I learned without ol' Insta in my daily life. But I indeed felt the following through that experience, and like the other things I learned, I am so grateful I did...

While I saw so clearly that I needed space from Instagram, without it, I also felt how much I need a place to write and share. Call it a blessing, call it a curse, but I'm a woman of many rolling thoughts and cascading words, and if you dam the rushing water, well, eventually those rushing waters will push the dam till it bursts. My feelings get pent up when I don't share them. I am happier, less stressed, and more at peace with my life when I write about it and what I'm loving and learning. So I'm going to write here versus Instagram just about daily in June and see if it fills my writing/sharing bucket. I'm calling it "The June Project" (we'll see how it goes)!

So! Some thoughts at today's end. 👇

Bless Tuesday, the most relieving day of the week -- Tuesday means that Monday is behind me! Mondays are crazy, mostly (no, entirely) due to food. I spend 2-3 hours each Monday meal prepping, driving to grocery stores, shopping, driving back home, and unloading all that beloved food. We were doing grocery delivery for a while last fall and then nixed it. The prices of everything started to feel so inflated. Like spending almost $35 on a bag of frozen chicken...?! I ultimately felt like I just needed to buck up and make that Costco run, so every Monday, that is what we do.

We've become super efficient shoppers, these three girls and I. We have to be --- we only have a small window every Monday AM to get through our stores and back home before Emmy's nap. And we have to go in the morning since traffic jams are the jam every afternoon in SD. Thus our game every Monday is to see how quickly we can get in and out of our two stores (Trader Joe's and Costco), and hoo-rah, we're getting faster every week!  Makes me happy.

This week's dinner menu:

Monday Chicken and Orzo Salad
Tuesday Minestrone Soup
Wednesday Smoothie Bowls
Thursday Coconut Lime White Chili
Friday Roasted Chicken and Veggies
Saturday Out -- going to dinner with people from Ryan's firm
Sunday Potato Hash (roasted potatoes, scrambled eggs, veggies)

Hello, scrumptious week (tonight's meal was👌)!

Pic via: Little Miss O waaaay back at our Trader Joe's in Charlottesville (I still remember this moment exactly -- turning to see her covered in her "sticko's" and loving at that little doll)! I had to dig deep into the camera roll to find this one - my one and only shot of anything "grocery store." Makes me laugh, considering that getting groceries all together is such a big part of our lives right now. I mean, I don't think we are more consistently at any other place in the world than we are at TJ's and Costco. Maybe I'll snap a pic of my three in front of our SD stores next week? For the books' sake? :)


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