Friday, September 1, 2017

As in "hello!" not Hawaii. ;) 

Lots has happened since I last made some time to write! Ryan took the California Bar Exam in San Diego (cue the tears - he worked so hard and we girls have so loved having him back). As soon as Ryan got home from CA, we hit the road for three weeks to celebrate that our daddy was finally getting some summer time. Week 1 found us in Utah County. We had a reunion with our law school family (it was so good to see everyone!), and the girls had mega cousin time while we stayed at my sister's. Week 2: Sundance! My family had our first, official family reunion, which was awesome and weird all at once (are we that old?!) It was such a good time. After having to pass on more than one big family party over the last three years, it was good to be with our people full-time. 

Week 3: Yellowstone! And beyond. :) 

Cute Olivia was old enough to jump on the Junior Ranger Program, and jump she did. Our eyes were peeled and our ears were perked as we went through the park in an effort to earn her badge, and Sister was into it!
At one point she just plopped down to fill in her answers. :)
Those shades of BLUE. My goodness!
The way the sun shone on the land, turning it all a copper color floored me. So pretty. 
Above -- Claire up there, snuggling with Dad. Claire does not like to hike (eek!) or even walk anywhere, really. We'll keep working on you, Sister.
Below -- Old Faithful. Thaaaar she blows! :)
Olivia said that the geysers smelled good and stopped to smell those roses...HA. She's a mega tease, that one.
I love water! Really after this trip, especially, I have a thing for water in nature.

The next morning we got up and drove through Yellowstone, stopping at Yellowstone Lake and different mud pots and geysers, etc., and the biggest scene of all, the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone...
One more a'that cute face! 
Claire grabbed my camera and shot this of these two people -- all by herself. HA! Smile, you're on candid camera. :)
More stunning, colorful, glowing water via the mouth of the waterfall of the Grand Canyon...
That rainbow!
We made it to Mammoth Springs in NW Yellowstone by dinner. We hiked the landmark there (I'm blanking on its name!), but first, our digs...
Ryan booked us two rustic, legit Yellowstone places to stay during the trip - a rustic cabin at Old Faithful and this yellow number. They were perfect!
Looks like snow or ice or something, but it's a mineral deposit, and it was stunning.
My tired eyes -- I was coming down with strep throat for the FOURTH TIME THIS SUMMER. I know. I think I've got things worked out, but by this point, I was exhausted and feeling so junky and sad (why are moms allowed to get sick?!) Ah well. That round of strep cleared up miraculously quickly - a blessing I am still counting a few weeks later (desperate prayers are heard)!
Above -- more of that copper glow!

Below -- the summit of the hike around this area. Can you spot the two hot pots in the scenes? (Look for the steam! Ryan wished we could hot tub in those babies, just out there on the edge of the world looking down on creation! ;)
The next day, Sunday, we made our way back to Utah, stopping in Idaho to go to church and then in Wyoming to see some of Ryan's family (mega thanks to Uncle Greg and Aunt Kris for letting us crash their pad)! We've already decided that we're coming back to this corner of the country, zooming in on Teton National Park for a bit. We hardly stopped there, even though it was in the original plan (the skies were super smoky). Can't wait to go back!

That's all folks, so, BYE. ;) For now. 

By way of Yellowstone. 💛


  1. Jeni, my heart is BREAKING that we didn't see each other there!! ah! Next time :). Love the post!!!

    1. SO crazy how we just just just missed each other! Haha, next time. Love you!!


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