Sunday, May 21, 2017

My heart is full to bursting. Sunday, May 20, found us on the lawn at the University of Virginia Law School with hundreds of other people, all in celebration of a few hundred more: the graduates of the 2017 class at UVA Law.

The day was one of those that you picture for years prior - three, to be exact, for us. We foresaw graduation - the finish line - knowing that our families would be there, knowing that it would be humidly warm, and knowing that we'd be beaming. Because we would be done, the law school climb complete.

What I didn't know at our beginning here was how fast graduation day would come, and how bittersweet I would feel at its arrival (more about that in my next post). This adventure has been more perfect than I perceived, or rather, attempted to perceive. I thought I had foresight on these three years as we arrived, but now that I'm through our life here, it's so obvious that when a life experience is as dense as going through the graduate school experience all on your own as a tiny family, far, far away from home, you can't catch a glimpse of it. Something so wonderful simply cannot be foreseen, only felt. Day by day by day. 💛

Congratulations, my Ryan, on earning this degree. "Proud of you!" will never be enough. Your balance of schools work, family life, and church service has blown me away. You have done it all, and with the ever calm and cool demeanor that is yours. Thank you again and again for bringing our family here, Love. What a glorious run!


  1. I would like to congrats you and your family on your graduation and hope so that you will have a best career ahead. Dissertation writing services

    1. Thanks so much! Just stoked for what's ahead!


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