Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A heartthrob of this trip for me has been the chance to date my man. And almost nightly (and if we want to count when the girls fall asleep in the stroller while out walking, then the dates have been daily)! Since we're here with our friends and their little boys, we couples have taken turns going out after the kids are in bed, and I don't know if there could be a greater gift to this girl this Christmas than so much time with her man. 

Ryan will be busy when he starts practicing law; his schedule will unpredictable. I feel geared up for it - finals month in law school has helped me there - and then I don't. From what the veterans have told us, you just can't plan very much ahead of time since if if a deal calls, he answers (and answers and answers) until it's over (which takes an unknown amount of time when the deal begins). So planning on time out together, like dates -- I don't know how easy that will be in our future years.

So the time we're having now together during this very predictable, reliable Winter Break is not being wasted on this wife's heart. I'm already so grateful to have him while I do. So so soo deeply grateful. 

Another one of these magical NYC dates was going to the Met Opera last Wednesday night. Ryan snagged lottery tickets for that show, too, and while we're really not opera people (defintely not that cultured and classy!), it was so much fun to try it out. And get sunk. We'll be back one day for another show - it was spectacular. The palatial venue, first of all...

And the location, that Lincoln Center! At night, too -- 😍
After the show, we walked the few blocks over to Tavern on the Green at Central Park - this suuuper charming restaurant, my goodness. We walked into a mixture of a Swiss cabin at Christmas and a 1950's, clean and fancy club. There was a whole jazz band and the most darling singer - we hit the floor and danced with a good amount of the other guests there (like classic, hand-in-hand, cheek-to-cheek dancing). We had no idea we'd be walking in on that kind of magical scene, so we kept looking at each other with eyes that asked, "Is this real?!" It was a dream.


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