Sunday, January 1, 2017

This incredible day was last Monday, December 26, the day after Christmas. We left the apartment early and went right to Central Park to -- go ice skating! Olivia had one request this Christmas break and ice skating was it, so we were anxious to make sure it happened. Glad we went as soon as we could - we had so much fun.

Ryan and Olivia hit the ice first, then she and I took a turn. Claire fell asleep in the stroller on the walk over, which I was half-way bummed about since, hello, we were ice skating in Central Park (!!), but Sister was tired and we were able to make it a date with Olivia for a while there before Claire woke up, so it worked out. Olivia was so cute on the. And hilarious. She's never worn skates of any kind before, so this was a double-whammy - balancing on blades and on ice - but she was a champion. She didn't complain at all at how her little legs were slip-slidding in literally every direction, she just laughed. Which made me laugh when we went out together (and nearly wet my pants - I knew we must've looked hilarious!), so we were this laughing blob out there and HAPPY...

Sweet snoozing Bear...
...then she woke! Ryan was out taking a few rounds by himself while we girls watched, which is when I caught a glimpse of the cutest sister-love on the planet. These two! Olivia dotes on Claire, Claire comforts Olivia. They're sweet and I'm obsessed with who they are together.
We went from ice skating down to SoHo to eat. The plan was to just pick up a Cronut order that our friend, Nate, placed for all of us (we've learned that ordering these famous deserts ahead of time and just stepping in for a few seconds to pick them up is the way to go!), but Ryan found Champion's Pizza while waiting for our friend's to join us and wow. BEST PIZZA EVER. First, the prices: $2/slice for cheese, $3.50 for something "fancy." I know NYC is expensive, but that kind of gig is hard to beat and makes me wonder why the rest of the world doesn't catch up with this city's food game. I made us go again yesterday when we were back in the neighborhood, and I'd go back one last time before we leave if I could...
We meandered through SoHo after eating, and then just kept walking north in the direction of home. Which is why this was the day of 21,624 steps - we just kept walking! We loved it, too. Ryan and I keep saying how much we love just walking this city together -- definitely because we are inescapably together. 

We saw more of 5th Avenue, and then we made a detour to snag some rich hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows at cute City Bakery (and I requested the chocolate chip cookie...I love cookies!!! Ryan kindly understands). 
Claire had about 1/4 of that hot chocolate spilled all over her clothes by the time we finished (but it came out in the wash - a miracle!!), but since it made us both messy and warm and happy, we made one last, unexpected stop that night - the Gershwin Theater to enter the Wicked lottery. This detour cost us time at home to get the girls down, so I was hesitant to do it, but thank goodness I didn't let any stubbornness get in the way -- because Ryan won the lottery! HA! They drew his name for two tickets, and with my jaw just half-dropped (he has great luck, that guy), I kissed his face and we dashed back home to get the girls to bed so that we could dash back downtown to go to that AMAZING show...
We were literally speechless at intermission. We were teary at the curtain call. Once upon a time, I knew Wicked's numbers word-for-wood. I was heavily involved in musical theater when the show caught on fire, and I would've given anything then to see that show back then. So to sit back in the Gershwin Theater, with Ryan to my right, and the songs as familiar to me as a baby's lullaby, I totally cried those silent tears. We may think we can let go of good dreams, but I don't know...I don't know if the heart really can! I was so happy and grateful, truly, to be there and with my Ryan. Life has a beautiful way of playing out, my friends. 

We topped off those 21,500 steps by walking home from the theater, de-briefing the show and intermittently baffling at how we got those tickets. New York was glittering, we were hand-in-hand, and by the time we reached Columbus Circle, my heart felt so full. What a day it had been. What an adventure life can be. I'm so grateful for the good times + extra grateful for the great times. All is well. 


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