Friday, December 23, 2016
Hello New York City!!

We're here for Christmas and then some (with some of our best law school friends, the Freemans!) and we are pretty happy about it. We knew back in August after doing NYC that we wanted to come for Christmas, but we allllmost didn't do it. Per usual, as October-November rolled around, we were so leaning to going home for the holidays (we miss our families!), but gosh, all sorts of "last chance" thoughts screamed at us and we decided to stick to the initial idea to make our final Christmas on the East Coast happen with our friends - and in NYC. Ryan and I were both working so hard on projects before driving up from VA, so we got into Manhattan at 11:00 - so much later than we wanted on Monday night - but it didn't seem to matter come Tuesday morning. We were charged pretty quickly by the energy of this place and went off to the races. First stop on our first day - the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall!

The show was amazing. We wondered if we should spend the ticket $$ on Claire, thinking she was maybe too young, but NO. She was enthralled, as was Olivia, and I would've cried some regretful tears had we left Miss Bear out. The music and choreography and content of the performance was just awesome, the kicker being a long, beautiful live Nativity that constituted the final scenes of the show. We sat back a little stunned as we saw the focus of this jazzy, NYC show turn to focus on the birth of our Savior, the performers belting "Joy to the World!" Gave me the chills. Cannot wait to go back one day!
After the show, we hit the Rockefeller Center, grabbing some of the (supposedly!) best chocolates in the world at Tuesch's (and yes, they were reallllly good), and then we strolled up 5th (the window displays!), making our way to the Plaza to see Old Saint Nick...
The "official photographer" at the Plaza made me delete my pictures of the girls with Santa since I didn't want to pay for her bleh $30 shot (tears), but it's okay, but I've never seen a more real Santa (I told Olivia that one was real after she asked) and we still loved it. That Plaza Hotel is is magical.
By then it was 4:30 PM, and the sun was about down on the City. Couldn't totally go home, though, without stopping at a playground (I love going to playgrounds with the girls wherever we are)! And by then we were really tired, so by 5:15ish we were home, and I had the girls fed, bathed, and in bed by 6:49 PM. Happy day (we all needed the early bedtime so badly).
I'll be taking my big camera out again today and will share those pics early next week. Gotta stay on top of the stories of this grand adventure or else. WE💛NY!


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