Thursday, December 15, 2016
I think I've said this before - that we call our creaky, Virginia home "The Honey House." Its walls are yellow; the floors are the richest, warmest wood; its kitchen cupboards and bathroom tiles are white. There was just no getting around the name after crossing the threshold that first, fateful, August night and living here for about 30 seconds. 

The place is as simple as it gets, but I want to remember the Honey House at Christmas since it's our last one here. I remember setting out last year to give this place some Christmas color, since some of my family was coming to spend the holiday with us. I had a tight budget, and I couldn't decorate very much at all, but I worked the coupon systems, shopped a few weekend sales, and soon enough I had enough greenery and trinkets to make a few wreaths, a garland, and had scattered pops of Christmas red wherever the eye could see. My little home was cheered and I felt content. 

And this year, when I pulled out the old, bendy, cardboard shipping box that houses all that decor ;), the feelings hadn't changed. The simplicity of what we have sang once again, and as I hung the wreaths, tied the bows, and strung the garland, I felt grateful that fullness can come with very few things. If trying to make The Honey House "home" has taught me anything, it's that a little goes a long way - a little rethinking, refurbishing, and reusing, or buying that which comparatively costs pennies - and then when that "long way" has reached its end, gratitude takes over and makes it all enough. No matter how our future homes will change, that approach to living is one I'm not letting go of. 

For the memories' sake, I want to write down the fillings of our Christmas life around here - the music, the food, the fun...

Sarah Machlaclan and her album, "Wintersong"
The Piano Guys Christmas works
This acoustic Christmas music You-Tube mix (it callllms the girls down)
Everything Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas. Of course.

These 5-minute Muffins. We made two batches this week. We gobbled up one and shared the other.
Our healthy hot cocoa. ☕๐ŸŒฒ Recipe: fill up your cup with almond milk, toss it on the stove, turn up the heat. Add coca power, vanilla, and honey to your disgression, stir, sip!
On the first Friday of December this year, we had our first, officially Hot Chocolate Party -- I made a big batch of the chocolate, we stirred it with candy canes, and the girls added about a gallon of marshmallows and sprinkles to their glasses (yes, sprinkles - there are always sprinkles at our parties) It was so much fun.
These chocolate cookies (saved on my treats Pin board here). I took a batch to a Christmas party last Sunday after squishing some Hershey kisses right in their centers. Yum.

The #LIGHTtheWORLD tree that's hanging on our wall. The girls have it taken over - it's their mural - and all is well with that in my world. I love their creativity (and just checking off our service each day on the calendar).
64 Pipsqueak Markers. At least once, and mostly two times a day, every one of those pipsqueak markers is scattered on the kitchen floor, the girls are spread out working away, and I'm tiptoeing around them all, either cleaning the breakfast kitchen or making dinner (so I love those markers - and then by round two - I don't. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜‰).
Beads. The girls are making each other bracelets for Christmas this year. So we've been going at the beads.

Next year's Christmas season will mosssstly likely sport a different story - my guess is that we'll have a bit of the beach thrown in there and a lot of loving still on our Baby Girl. I'm excited to come back and compare.

Till then - LOVE my little family. Love this season. It's a wonderful life!


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