Sunday, October 23, 2016
What a WILD couple of weeks, these last two! We were to and from the Outer Banks with our law school family - our most anticipated trip of the year (see last year's trip here - my goodness, Claire was tiny!) - and we spent this last week catching our breath again at real life and re-cranking the home gears.  Time's flying around here, and since we're working so hard to make the most of it, I'm okay with its crazy speed. :)

This post from our trip has been sitting as a draft here all week, and before another very busy week steam rolls me tomorrow, I'm publishing this baby. For time's sake and to shake things up, I'm not going to caption the photos and just leave the story for the whole post at this: after another special trip with a chunk of our UVA Law friends here that have literally become family, I am certain that part of my experience in heaven will be on a beach with my best friends. Between the water peace-giving waves, open sand for the children to conquer, and time meant for literally sitting and talking and laughing with people, there is something magical + special about the ocean and its simply opulent space. Makes me even more grateful that we're settling in San Diego so that when our people come visit, we can seclude ourselves to the sand and just be.

I cherish the moments of life that allow you to just be. In every way, our last trip (during law school, at least!) with the framily (friend+family) to the was just that!

Okay I do want clarify quickly since I'm letting the photos speak for themselves: the photos are totally chronological, spanning one of our first beach days, to one of our last evenings in the house, to the last sunrise on our final day (just the girls and I skipped away to bask in its glory!), to one more hour on the sand that we squeaked in after checking out. I'm serious, guys, heaven is a week on the beach with your friends. :)


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