Tuesday, April 26, 2016
The last day trip we took with Auntie Kimbee was to Colonial Williamsburg, that classic, colonial Virginia spot. I'd say most people of have heard of Williamsburg. My parents took my two oldest sisters and my older brother on a DC/Virginia trip when I was a wee babe, actually, and I grew up hearing about two things from their adventure: a beggar in DC scaring my brother ("Gimme all your money!" he said, haha) and charming, charming Colonial Williamsburg.

The place is a step back in time to Revolutionary America, complete with actors in costume, colonial equipment in use, and reenactments everywhere you go. The ticket to enjoy all of the historical experiences (like watching the making of an authentic leather shoe!) was pricey, so we opted out and instead walked the streets and enjoyed the free general stores. Like all of VA these Springtime days, Williamsburg was stunning, so just existing there was more than good enough for us.

We grabbed lunch first at The Cheese Shop -- a must!

And I'm throwing this image in here now, because it's across from The Cheese Shop -- we visited The Christmas Shop at the end of the day. Another must, because the ornaments are incredible and who doesn't like a little Christmas spirit in the Spring? In very small doses. :)
 The street sign. But really. Duke of Gloucester, East to the left, West to the right. So fun.
A friend recently asked me how I get "darling" pictures of my girls "all the time," and I laughed out loud. And hard. I am not that mom - please, look at their faces below - but to all the moms that can get their littles to smile for photos, share the love! ;)
Miss Bear and her Beloved, the Blank. And those fingers. Did you know that that particular finger-suck is hereditary? It's got to be -- four of my cousins growing up sucked their fingers that way. My cousin's baby, who is Claire's same age, also sucks her fingers that way. And all of these finger-suckers are on the GUBLER side of the fam. Genes! They're insane!
 Miss Bear asking for tickles. I attacked her, of course. :)
Please note the dirtiness of Olivia's dress. She wears this one a few times a week (so I wash it a few times and week!) and it takes a beating every day she dons it. She calls it her twirly dress. We snagged it at Old Navy last fall, and I don't know what we're going to do when she outgrows it...
 Secret glam shot of Kimbee. I can be so creepy. :)
See what I mean about the "darling" photos?! Hahah, these girls. I love 'em. They were troopers the whole week - we adventured a lot. And we'd do it all again this second. At the end of the day, I say life is about having a lot of fun. Good fun - the kind that pushes you out of your comfort zone to a new place of confidence and culture and creativity and fun. That kind of fun leaves you with no regrets and just a lot of really sweet memories.
PS, our first Williamsburg trip is back here! Again, this was nearly TWO YEARS AGO.

Can't handle that fact.


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