Sunday, February 28, 2016
Reading scripture plays a major role in my life. Like a major role I was thinking about that this week and the influence they've had on my whole story -- it has been huge. If we want to go all "theater" here, without contest, the scriptures are a lead in my show. I decided that the lessons I have learned and am learning from them deserve more of an ovation in my history books, so I'm going to blog post one of my personal scripture study entires from the previous week here every Sunday night. Hopefully I can pass on just a smidgen of the light and comfort God's words give me -- maybe to you, most definitely to my children. 

I think I'll call the series, per se, "Sweet is the Word" - it will always be the title - along with the reference to the verses that my thoughts are coming from. I won't edit my journal entires; I'll just copy and paste them as they are. And I don't think I'll preface these posts. They'll be able to hold their own.

I say "I think" about all of this because I really haven't thought this out. This is all just rolling out of my brain and through my typing fingers as we're sitting here. But I think I will love this (and my babies, you better, too, or else ;) ), and sometimes you just jump with ideas because whatta ya have to lose? :)
So! Round one.

Entry from Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Q) Why did Lehi want his family to eat the fruit of the tree of life? 

A) "As I partook of the fruit thereof it did fill my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also." 

The fruit filled him with joy. I know that the tree and the fruit represent the love of God, so, really, it was experiencing the love of God that filled him with exceedingly great joy. How, then, can I better experience the love of God? I want to feel that joy.

I know how I feel God's love already -- I feel it via Ryan and his incredible, special love for me. 
I feel it via Olivia and Claire and their absolute need for me. I am their #1. And (for now) everything I do is awesome (it's awesome). 
I feel is via my patriarchal blessing. It's so personal. God knows me.
I feel it via the fact that we're ending up in San Diego. The turn of events that took our job prospects there could not have been by chance - law school just doesn't work the way that situation turned out. He has got to love us, because I couldn't be more needy for the sun and 75 degrees, and that is life in SD!
I feel it via my parents' appreciation of me. They are grateful for who I am. I also feel it via their generosity. It humbles me flat to think of what they've sacrificed for me my entire life.
I feel it via Dad and Mom A. Like in their ability and tendency to laugh at me -- seriously! I love that. They have also been so generous to us. They are so caring.
I feel it via fun, happy, complimentary, encouraging, open friends. I definitely feel His love via my people. 

I get how Lehi was filled with "exceedingly great joy" after experiencing God's love. I feel the same after listing all of that (and I could go on). I can see how God loves me, and amazingly - because it's happening so naturally - I am feeling joy.


  1. I love this, Jeni! So full of gratitude and faith. I learn so much from you, friend. I want to start doing a scripture journal too! You've inspired me :).

  2. Thanks so much, Jeni! You bring sui much light you everyone! I'm so glad I saw this!

  3. Thanks so much, Jeni! You bring sui much light you everyone! I'm so glad I saw this!


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