Sunday, February 14, 2016
I love this holiday! It's so easy to get into and enjoy Valentine's Day. Who doesn't love at least one someone, right? :) My main man was out in San Diego for most of last week (he got in just a couple hours ago!), so my 2016 V-Day time and attention was zeroed in on my little ladies. True to form - I realized as I prepping the tiny party - there were some of their very favorite foods, flowers, and bit o' colorful fanfare. I was so excited for the girls to wake up because of the simple, catered spread (clearly doesn't take much for me, ha!), and I told Olivia there was a tiny present waiting. I was certain they would scream and squeal...

Claire saw the cookies (her very favorite kind) and screamed "YAY!" and then squealed.
Olivia saw the blue envelope, she screamed "Pwesents?!" and then she squealed. My dreams came true. :)
Miss O jumped on the pwesents: tiny Valentine's from Mama and darling leather bows, one for each (I bought the bows from my sweet cousin's shop here. One day down with them and we are in love)! 
And Miss Claire tackled the food. That girl has a direct thoroughfare from her stomach to her heart. If you want her to feel your love, feed her. :)
I wrote them the same note - "I love you SO much, you are my sunshine, I love being you mom." That's exactly how I feel about both of them (duh), so we got to stay neutral and gushy all at once. :)
Let it be known: I love my girls. I LOVE being their mother. All I do is play and throw parties, I swear. ;) Seriously, though, I don't know how to put the weight in that word," love," because I definitely feel a big weight there - a good kind of weight. These girls have forced me to improve - to be more patient, selfless, kind. Mothering has challenged my limits of creativity and helped me rise to some pretty grand occasions (and some very simple, obviously - this party :))! Being with them 24/7 has taught me a lot about trying, trying, and trying again to understand, to love, and especially to forgive. Because they have forgiven me. I just went on about forgiveness back here, and truly, the times that I have most drastically seen and felt a personal red-white change has been when they have so freely forgiven when I've been unfair (too high of expectations, outright frustration, you know. All the stuff that makes you feel like a really great parent [not!]). Experiencing forgiveness is very special part of mothering for me so far, and yep, since the forgiveness has come from them, these girls are so so special to me.

LOVE them. Happy Valentine's Day!


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