Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Claire and I were grocery shopping at Trader Joe's yesterday morning - our Monday ritual while Olivia is at school. It's all mommy-and-me and warm and fuzzy, so yeah (duh!), it's easily a favorite part of the week. Claire takes a sideways seat in the cart - legs extended to one side, back resting against the other - with a cup of crackers in hand (thanks to the sample lady, she's there for us every time)! The set-up is a real happy one for my Claire: food, people around that she can watch and talk to only/if she feels like it, and me, her Mama, within a hand's reach. 

We checked off our list quickly, so I circled back to the flowers. Thank heaven for TJ's flowers. I can afford them and thus I buy them. IE, the $5 bouquets of roses yesterday were kind of blowing my mind. First, that price (!!) then they got my party cogs turning...I grabbed a bushel of red ones and decided right there that we were going to have a special dinner that night to kick off February. Because why not?! There is a lot to love about February. It means that January is bygone, we're one step closer to spring, Ryan's birthday is on its way, and hello, Vawentines (as says Olivia)! We also had a 60 degree, sunny day yesterday, so I was extra happy and so in the mood to celebrate this incredible life.

Between picking up the roses and putting them in our cart,  I officially dubbed this spontaneous dinner, "Our Favorite Finger Foods Dinner in honor of February First" (say that five times fast)! We'll do this thing every February 1, we'll have finger foods for forever (they're fun), and we'll make everything as red, pink, and white as possible.

Hopefully the girls will always be stunned by the whole incredible experience... ;)
Hopefully Olivia will always be such a ham. I asked her to smile, and she started waving her hands like she was leading music, eyes-closed like she was dreaming of Disneyland, hahah.
Hopefully Claire's mess will always be real and happy. A good baby mess is a sure sign of a good party. Get into it, girl!! 
Hopefully, most of all, my babies will just get happier and happier. I'm so bent on that, you know - their happiness. I know it's not entirely in my hands. They have agency and those two girls are in-de-pen-dant, but you better believe I'll keep laying all the groundwork. Anything to help them laugh. Anything to let them feel how wonderful it is to have each other - to be part of a family. Anything to let them know that they are loved

That's my job as Mom. 

How lucky am I?!


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