Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Eastern USA had quite the run-in with a particular Storm Jonas over the weekend, maybe you heard?? ;) We were dumped on  - 20+ inches in our little Charlottesville - although that's almost a measly stat compared to what others went through (bless all the cold, cold people without power)! 

Talk circulated last winter that we were going to get hit by a whopper storm, "So y'all run to the stores and clear their essentials out or else!" I remember doing so (obey the locals!), and yet I remember the storm wasn't so bad. Lots of snow fell, yes, and it was cold, but yeah. Nothing too crazy. 

So when warnings re-circulated about this year's storm, I took them lightly. If my parents wouldn't have prodded so much to prepare, I probably wouldn't have even stocked up on essentials for this supposedly extra stormy, Mr. Jonas. Turns out, Jonas was indeed a doozy and I was grateful to have gone the extra half-mile to be prepared (obey the parents)! Yet if we would've lost heat and power, we wouldn't have stayed comfy for long (gotta do some real prep there). Still feeling grateful that we didn't lose those blessed, modern amenities.

Snow fell for 27 hours Friday - Saturday. Then the glorious sun came out on Sunday morning. It was beautiful. Yesterday afternoon, the ice on the ground was melting so we finally ventured outside for a little while. We did step out when it was blizzarding (hello, YOLO) but it was freezing, so it was a very quick meet-n-greet. Thus our time outside yesterday was lovely.

When we were gearing up to go out, Claire pulled her sunglasses out of my bag. Olivia followed suit. Atta, divas! ;)
Hills and valleys in our parking lot! (not sure how that dumpster will be dumped in the near future...)
 How we feel about WINTER. It's cool for one, it's cold for the other. Honestly I agree with Claire here. The older I get, the more I feel like Winter's just cold (granted, Claire lost her balance and touched the snow seconds before I snapped this - her hands! She was much less thrilled with the snow all weekend, though).  Thank goodness Olivia was/is on board. She kept the sparkle in my eye for the whole blizzard thing. Chalk up on more reason why I love my three-year-old. Evweething is soooo cool!
No more slipping for my Claire Bear. She walked right over to me after the above pic, grabbed my finger, and walked me inside hahah (smart girl)!  PS, I love the one-year-old, one-finger-hold stage. Wasn't Olivia just here? Yes. Proof. Man time flies.
Ry Baby nailed the icicles hanging from the roof, right above our walkway into the house. See how there are zero icicles hanging from that overhang? Protecting us well. Slow claps for you, babe.
It's a tad blurry, gosh, this one below is good enough for me. I asked them both to smile with me, but they refused (how they tease me)! Grateful Ryan snagged this, though. It's about time I dubbed him a Blog Husband, eh. ;)
After playing in that sunshine, we went back inside to more of this - one of our little blizzard activities - a giant coloring page of Us. I don't think I've explicitly mentioned here before that I've been learning Adobe Illustrator for the last couple years, but I have been, and even slightly knowing its ropes (I am very far from Guru and just fine with that) has turned out to be a huge blessing to me personally and to our family. I mean, seriously, that big thing is a pencil-tool drawing, but we've loved it. We decided it's the first of many I'll create and that we'll color right up!
Since we didn't lose heat and power, I can say that I loved Mr. Jonas. He ended up giving us a happy memory - surviving our first real blizzard on the EC. So he was cool...and yet still soooo cooold! So no more storms, Mother Nature. All my thanks in advance!


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