Tuesday, February 18, 2014
We soaked up one of our favorites, Valentine's Day. We celebrated our very favorite man in the whole world - Ryan - it was his birthday!! We partied with my family. Here, have some photos.

Valentine's Day morning! Olivia got a new string of beads from Dad because she's obsessed; I got a bouquet of hearts with clues to his ultimate valentine (which was awesome). We ate conversation hearts for breakfast and this girl was in heaven
We headed up to Sundance that evening for the rest of the long weekend! My sister threw a darling V-Day dinner - the traditional heart-shaped pizza party - and we exchanged cousin valentines.
We face-timed our parents, and wished and wished that they and Kimbee could've been there...
The sisters - sans Kimbee and Mom, whom we missed missed missed! - skipped down to the base for lunch, where we spent two hours together that felt like one hour. Of course.
Dear Sundance, I love you. Loved you long time.
Back down the mountain for church on Sunday. Ryan and Olivia decided to be darling together, which melted me (duh).
...and we opened birthday cards!!! Ryan's family comes up with the most fabulous cards every year (more proof here). Ry's cards this year were themed around big words. Like, he had to read his cards with a dictionary. IE, Dad wrote, "I want you to be cognizant that as I genuflect each night, you are part of my orison." And from Mom, "I hope this birthday preposses more than a fata morgana and leaves you with a graupel of kindness returned to you again and again." And from six-year-old Luke, "I want to gambol with you on your birthday. If you don't know what gambol means look in the book." Priceless.
Back up the mountain! Things started to get real. Like, being the adults we are, we replaced our teeth with bell peppers and started talking to each other...
...and then kept laughing the rest of the weekend, because we can all be so dumb and we all love it. We played games, talked a lot, chased children, and yeah - laughed. It was so fabulous.
We walked up and down the road a few times because it was so warm up there! Spring, I feel like you're coming...!!!
Olivia sandwiches!!
Family is so fabulous. I loved that two perfect "family things" meshed into the same four days - V-Day (the best kind of holidy) and Ryan's birthday. These kind of weekends don't just make me happy, they make me grateful. I love my family. So grateful that we're each other's best friends - for forever! 


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