What kind of camera do you use?
A Canon Rebel T5i with a 50 mm lens.

How do you say your last name?
Awerkamp - like "our camp." It's Dutch+German. Oh ja!

You started a business - what are your tips for starting one?
Love this Q. Answers in a full post coming soon!

You talk about reading and studying scripture here and on Instagram. How do you make time for that?
Love this Q even more. I answered it in this post HERE

Any tips for loving motherhood? 
Be alllll there. Invest yourself. Treat your life as a mother like a serious, important job - because that's exactly what it is. You've got individuals in the palm of your hands as a mom. You have the power to love and nurture them into incredible, awesome people. And you're the captain of your own big, beautiful ship as you do so. So hoist up those sails and GO! You're in for the greatest, most fulfilling adventure life can give.


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