Saturday, January 19, 2019
Life gave us the sweetest surprise yesterday -- Our Tiny Baby is aaaa --

GIRL! "G" for GIRL. ๐Ÿ’“ Another bold, beautiful girl! Can you believe it?!
The big girls couldn't at first. I mean, that Olivia MOAN ๐Ÿ˜ฉ, hahah...
And that Claire GLARE ๐Ÿ˜‘ (she kills me!)...
They both wanted a little brother so badly (you've got to watch extent of their let down in the video on my IG)! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Claire kept telling me throughout the last month, "Mom I know our baby is a boy because we just ONLY have one boy. It's Dad. And we have sooo many girls!" Olivia wanted to shake things up a bit around here, too, and was hoping for a boy. Although she did come to me one day and say, "Mom, I know what this baby looks like if it is a girl. It has dad's dark hair and your face." When I asked what our baby boy would look like she said, "Hmm, I don't know. I didn't dream about a baby boy. Just a baby girl." So hmm, looks like Sis was onto something?? We'll say it's thanks her premonition and that stunning fruit pizza (custom made by my sweet friend!) that those girls were zapped out of their misery. Sister #4 is on her way!!!
There's the world's best girl dad down there. I am so so smitten with Ryan right now. I mean, butterflies are constantly in my stomach over that one, but watching him feel so excited for another girl has me sunk. I don't understand how or why he is so good to and for us girls, other than that Heavenly Father made him so. Really. I don't say that lightly. Ryan's nature is to stay calm, work things out so simply and logically, and to move on from anything and everything, all of which totally combats girls' tendencies to freak out and worry, stew over issues, and to hold on to things. He is gentle and kind and adoring. And then! He is rough-and-tumble, crazy and hilarious. He takes the girls camping, rallies them out at night to play kick the can, and pulls them in to watch college basketball. Of course the man is getting another baby girl to mold, love, and totally inspire. He amazes me.  
Then there's me, the most grateful mother on earth right now. I've felt like we've needed another girl in our family before, which is strange considering our ratio, I know, I know -- but? You can't shake certain feelings. I wondered deep down if this baby was that girl when I found out I was pregnant. Turns out that she is, and heavens I am excited to have her here.
I'm so grateful that we'll have four girls -- two and two -- that no one will be without a friend. These girls are getting something special out of life, you know, having each other back-to-back (to back-to-back). They'll relate immediately to each other and be right there when one falls, because Little Sister, chances are that Big Sister took that same fall in life only last year. She'll get you and help you and love you. Of course their closeness is going to breed conflict. Of course there will be chances for competition. Of course girls are dramatic and emotional and whatever else. But even so, despite all of the coin's rough sides, I am grateful. So grateful to be raising four little women together. Trying to teach Olivia, Claire and Emmy already about having strong womanhood, genuine charity, and deep beauty has already pushed me to awesome limits. You just can't teach someone what you don't know. You can't share what you don't believe. Raising these daughters has already put rubber to my life's road in major ways physically, mentally, and spiritually, and my gratitude for that fact is deep. I'm grateful I've been pushed to figure myself out so that I can guide them as they figure themselves out. The pushing and the polishing in raising them has been amazing already (can't imagine what the next decade will be like)!

So welcome to the squad, Tiny Girl. Your birthday couldn't come sooner (well, you keep cooking in there, but yes, we are that excited to see you). We love you. Sheesh, makes me cry thinking about how much we love you!! Our sweet, fourth baby girl. ๐Ÿ’• Thank you for coming to us. You are our gift.



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