Thursday, December 20, 2018
I have an extra quiet house to myself tonight and an extra small to-do list, so I'm treating myself to writing here tonight. "Finally," says my soul, and "hooooray." ๐Ÿ’›

I have three posts that I want to share before Christmas (which is in FOUR DAYS. ?!?!), starting with my dolly Claire's birthday. She turned 4-years-old one month ago, but better late than never. Her day was totally her. We had a very flexible "art party" theme, meaning that I wasn't too strict with the theme and we added a couple random things, like balloon games, squirt guns, and cupcakes (you'll see what I mean:)). But first, we've got to start with her birthday morning...

Our beautiful girl waltzed down the stairs in one of her Claire-curated outfits, complete with a sparkly birthday crown and two clips (typical). We all cheered as she rounded the banister and she went all rosy. :) Claire isn't one for too much attention, but like every other human being, she loves being loved, so the special cheering filled her up and made her beam.

Her poses up there. ๐Ÿ˜ This girl, I tell you...the older she gets and the more her personality unearths, the more we all fall for her. She is artsy and fashionable and sweet. Toss in a little strong-willed sassiness from her mother and there you have Claire.

She opened her presents - new jewelry, that blue sparkly dog above to go with her purple sparkly dog (from last year's birthday), and a 250 piece art kit. The gifts were a perfect fit, and right as we wrapped up her breakfast and gifts, the party began! We started with coloring...
 And then played "keep the balloon off the ground" (Claire's spontaneous idea)!
We then hopped outside for our modern art activity (so suave, I know ๐Ÿ˜‰): squirt guns loaded with paint + a big, poster board canvas. They kids went at it. This activity was a winner!
Claire was having a blast by this point, and when we went back inside to decorate cupcakes before having her birthday cake, Sis was getting a liiiiiittle silly...
 Then she got a LOT silly, haha...
That craziness is SO Claire. She whips it out once she's comfortable, her totally goofy side. We all love it. 

We sang "Happy Birthday," blew out the candles, cut into that chocolate cake creation, and opened gifts from her sweet friends. Her friends left and what were we left with? See below - the happiest Claire in a new outfit! - all calm, cool, and collected again. I'm obsessed with how this Claire post is ending just how it started: our put-together baby girl in a glamorous outfit, totally posed and poised. One of our whole family's favorite things about Claire is her uncanny ability to create an original outfit, and that she goes through that creative process 2-3 times every day. No really, Sister doesn't just change her clothes. She curates ensembles. She is so glam. We all love it! 
Love you, sweet Claire. You are an absolute gift to our family. I'll cherish for eternity the comfort you have brought my heart since the minute you were born. I appreciate you so much, my darling girl. Thank you for being our precious little angel.  

xoxo, Mama (and Dad, Olivia, and Emmy. We all love you)! 

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