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It's been a bit, but I'm back here tonight with our Summer 2018 recap post that's been sitting in the dark corner of this blog, the Drafts folder. ;) I know we're closer to Halloween now than the end of Summer, but better late than never! After thinking of this Summer's highlights and cleaning up my camera roll on my phone, these are our memories that I want to freeze in time -- in chronological order (took me a minute to work that out but I did)! Let's get this party started and throw things back to May...

We went to St. George (surprise surprise --๐Ÿ˜œ! I think we've gone home 10 times in the last year). Ryan and I ran our favorite trail together and we hiked our Snow Canyon. With Grandpa!

I turned 27 in May, and it was just a regular, good ol' birthday until it became something BIG thanks to my Ryan and sweet sister, Elise. Those two had been scheming behind my back for a month about Elise coming to SD and surprising me with a week's stay for my birthday, and so on the Saturday after my big day -- we were "just going downtown for a late birthday brunch," said Ry -- Elise flew in early to San Diego and waited for us to arrive at the restaurant. See? That's her in that white hoodie! I had NO idea.
Ryan stood up to take our picture when this "stranger" suddenly came up and offered to take the picture for him, and if ONLY my eyes could've taken a photo of what I saw right then -- my sister in my city by total surprise. It was the absolute best (I love surprises)!! My mind immediately jumped to where my other sisters and my mom were hiding -- surely they were there, too?? But then I remembered that Elise is the most flexible to fly away for a week (literally), and that the others were probably still in UT (they were). I can't wait to do a girls' trip or something down here with them one day. And man, was I so kindly reminded to never underestimate my Ryan Awerkamp. He is the best person that has ever lived, that man. I love him and his ways of loving me SO MUCH.  
The original plan that I knew of for that Saturday was to go to Tijuana after brunch to visit some dear friends, the Hinckleys, Ryan's mission president and mission mom (Ryan served in Barcelona, Spain, from 2009-2011). The Hinckleys are the president and matron of the Tijuana Temple, and we'd been wanting to hop the border and see them since we moved to SD, so with Elise in tow (!!), we went to Mexico. 
We did fun things with Elise for the rest of the week, like the Birch Aquarium and picking strawberries in Carlsbad (they are candy, those berries!)...
And then suddenly it was Saturday again, Aunt Leesie was gone (serious tears!), and we found ourselves at a service project with Ryan's firm in Mission Bay...
We went back to Utah for two family reunions for both sides of our family. We've become such committed family members since moving back West, I tell you what. ;) This shot hails from heaven on earth, Koosharem, UT, where my maternal grandparents live. Going to Koosharem in the summer is a must (proof here and here)!
It wasn't so gray one day there at the end of May, so we hit our beach with our new Turkish towels (that makes them sound so legit -- they are not, haha. I snagged them on Amazon)! I will never go back to the traditional beach towels after using these, PS. They're the most lightweight, quick-drying, pretty, soft towels. Get some next summer!
The big girls took swimming lessons and loved them...
A pitcho of the purple flower and Miss Claire, per her request (sure thing, angel girl).
Snacks and silly faces someday in June. :) I love those freshly-bathed babies!
Claire's pediatrician sent us to the ER at the beginning of July for a weird stomach thing she suddenly came down with. There was ultimately no explanation for what was wrong (my favorite! ๐Ÿ˜œ), but at least she ended up okay. She was amazing during our stay -- didn't even bat an eye when they put in her IV. Having a loooong night with her in the hospital wasn't half-bad, that little dolly.
Beach nights are the besssst. The water this summer was straight-up 80+ degrees for all of July and August. It was tropical and incredible.
A random day at church with these cuties...
A random day of shopping with these cuties...
Slash, GOONS. We get a kick out of all the attention we get wherever we go -- "Wow, THREE girls! And they're all yours?!" We don't get as many scrutinizing looks/comments now that Emmy is older, which is nice. But comments about our general girl tribe, yes!
We had a lunch date one day after being at the beach while her sisters snoozed in the back seat. I love this little girl SO MUCH.
Tea for two! Emmy would annihilate this kind of thing, so the Bigs were wise and set it up during nap time.
Emmy chasing the seagulls one day at the La Jolla Tide Pools. She couldn't catch them then, but I bet she'd be snagging them now!
Seal Cove! Hellllo, stunning San Diego.
We had visitors for a month straight between June and July, which was the best. A lot of pics from our big San Diego day with our faves, the Nelsons, is here!
I surprised the girls with a Solly Dolly Wrap (they've been wanting one for a while)! This angel girl and that totally bloomed boug is my kind of eye candy.
Always stealing my sunnies...
And my kisses (I don't mind)!
We hiked Annie's Canyon in July while some our friend were staying with us. Fun fact: San Diego is a coastal desert, hence that awesome cacti. It's one of our favorite things about living here, actually, because our desert Utah home is literally smooshed right together with the Pacific Coast. Chaparral + ocean. Does it get better than that??
Annie's Canyon is such a good, quick hike!
That ocean view from the top is always a dream.
The girls and I were close to the Temple one afternoon, so we popped onto the grounds to soak in its peace for a second. That's when I realized that ALL THREE girls were matching and my heart skipped a beat. Somehow our squad ends up coordinating -- if not matching?? -- a LOT. It's a subconscious thing and I love it.
Carter Boy, Auntie Em and Uncle Cam stayed with us for a few days in July! Emmy was/is obsessed with her "baby" (that's more than half her size, haha. She wanted to hold him here. Pecking order stuff is amazing)!
GIDDY over that 85 degree salt water bath, I mean, ocean...
Back at the Tide Pools! This is a silly picture of me (I was turning to smile at Ry!), but take a look at that WATER. We were there at the lowest of tides and you could see so much of that stunning ocean.
Heeeere's a cheeser!
Some of our best law school friends, the Christensens, skipped down to San Diego for a couple days after being in OC on a family vacation. We were so thrilled to be with them again! 
"Happy 7th Anniversary" shot, courtesy of Claire. It was a mellow anniversary this year since life was busy at the time (we'll make up for it later)! Seven years, though, man...getting closer to 10!
Cotton candy skies while at the park one night. Soul food!
Ryan needed to go to Texas for a week in August for work, so he flew out of St. George, and the girls and I happily trekked to Utah County to see our family there for a good chunk of that week. Wallsburg, BYU, playing at Aunt Annie's -- we love visiting our people there (I think we need to make it an annual thing)!
SHANIA TWAIN in concert with some of my SD girlfriends! Such an adventure. We left for LA at 3:00 PM, drove 4 hours through traffic (pit-stopped for dinner), belted our lungs out with Shania for 2 hours, and then drove the 2.5 hours back home sans traffic, arriving back in SD at a mere 2:00 AM. We ol' mamas felt wild and free. It was amazing.
Shots on the steps of the old, darling, local hotel that sits right on our favorite beach to say "sayonara" to our Wednesday Beach Days with our SD friends. I took a photo of Olivia and Claire here two years ago when we lived in La Jolla for the summer, and I'm going to keep the tradition going! It'll be fun to see how the gang changes on these classic steps at Summer's end every year...
We did SO MUCH that didn't get a camera shot, but that is the gist of our perfect Summer 2018. For the first time in a long time, we were okay to say "goodbye" to our favorite season because 1) Olivia finally got to start school! and 2) San Diego lives in an eternal summer, so having Fall in the air sounded nice (did I just admit that?? ;) I haven't said anything along those lines for the last SIX YEARS of my life)! 

So long, sweet Summer. We love you!! ๐ŸŒž


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