Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Our Awerkamps came to town last week - for the whole week! Mom and Dad A. rented a beach house in Oceanside, and all I know is that I'm crossing my fingers they'll want to make this an annual thing, because 1) we LOVED having them here and 2) it was so nice to vacation in San Diego. You can't help but soak up this sunny city all-year round, but staying within walking distance from the beach and playing games mid-day after taking a nap because your beach morning wore you out doesn't happen when you live here. That's vacation life, and it was so nice to have it for a week with our favorite people. We miss them and the whole party we had together! So much so, tonight Claire turned to me while in the tub and said, "Mom I don't feel like this tub. Let's go back to the beach house - that one is better!" Sounds good to me, girl.

Other than beaching -- so surfing, swimming, eating, and napping -- we ate out at a couple fun joints and we hunkered down in the beach house to just be together.  We took family pictures on Thursday night, and when I was getting the girls ready, Grandma Heidi walked by and reminded us that it was good we were cleaning up but that this was not going to be a serious shoot - we were going to hit that beach and have FUN. Well, clearly...

 ...that is what happened. I love that my mother-in-law wanted the vibe of our family photo shoot to be happy and light and CHILL, because everyone knows that family pictures can be the most stressful, agonizing thing ever. Chill, really, is the best word to describe the Awerkamps. They are go-with-the-flow, content souls and I love immensely them for that.

We did take a few serious shots for the books...
The girls love their baby cousin, Carter, SO much. They've pined and whined for him two different times this week (and, I mean, can you blame them?? Look at that gummy smile)! ๐Ÿ’™
The original lineup. ๐Ÿ˜ Can you imagine if these kids were your babies?! I'm so proud of them and I'm just the crazy sister-in-law!
And back to the silly shots. The boys were originally tossing our youngest bro, Luke, up in the air (the camera was focusing sooooo slowly that night, so I didn't catch  a shot of airborne Luke!), and then Olivia wanted to try... 
 Then Claire...
And then Emmy, haha! Sis literally marched right up to them and demanded a turn after Claire was back on the ground. You cannot leave that girl out (third child stuff right there)!
 The pretty sun started to set pretty quickly...
 Emmy + Dada
 Isaac + Olivia
 And that was that. Family pictures were shot, and just a couple days later, another summer trip with our Awerkamps was history. I am not kidding, I so hope that a beach week with this special crew is an annual thing. Getting away and relaxing in our own town with these incredible souls - our sweet family! - was a dream. ๐Ÿ’ซ


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