Friday, June 15, 2018
That means so much to so many of our people - new schedules, new routines, moms making plans for how they'll fill their days. We've been living in summer mode for the last year, so we can't really relate to the change. We're probably the only people counting down till summer's end, since it means that our Olivia girl will finally (finally finally!) be able to spread her wings and fly off to Kindergarten. Sister missed the cut-off by just 20 days, and watching the world around her - all of her friends and more - tromp off to school every day without her killed a small part of her last fall. We were walking past her school today and when I pointed at it and told Olivia that "at the end of summer, you get to go to schooool," she said, "What?! Yessssss! WHEN DOES SUMMER END?!" :) Soon, baby doll.

Yes, for her sake, not soon enough. For the rest of ours? Well, secretly, I can barely handle it. How are we here? How is she almost taking her first real, solo steps outside of our home and off into the big world? I've blinked and we're here. Kindergarten. I'll blink again and it will be high school, then my eyes won't even make it one blink before it will be college. GOSH. Makes me cry, so we're stopping there!

These dolls below won't handle our Olivia going off very well, either. I've wondered about them - how they'll fare together without their ring-leader, oldest sister. For better or worse (I'm kidding -- of course, for the better!), Olivia runs the show. No, they'll be okay. They paired off the other day and played and played, my two golden-hair girls. Made me happy.
Grateful that those dolls will have each other next year. Grateful that we get our Olivia for a few months more (but shhh, we won't tell her)! :)


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