Thursday, June 7, 2018
"Wow, your girls look nothing alike!"

I get it all the time. Of course, I also get "You can tell they're sisters" but for the most part, my three girls' looks give the impression that they are three different girls. Which is right. 

Olivia asks endless questions. She is inquisitive, analytical, and her memory is stickier than glue (Sis forgets nothing). She debates, eventually comes around to consensuses (her way is always the right way!), and is a leader. She forgives super easily and forgets (I admire that immensely about her). Her incredible imagination leaves her playing with toys - stuffed animals and dolls, specifically - for hours. She is a go-getter with original ideas (she set up those plates and treats yesterday before show time, all on her own)! She has the best, most magnetic energy.

Claire is flexible. She goes with every flow (well, except for the flow below -- she was not in the mood to put on that nose plug again for a pic, haha)! She concedes if there is contention. She gives and shares and gives and shares, it's amazing. If she does disagree with you or if doesn't want to do something, she politely says, "Mmm, no thanks," and smiles (I love this when she's turning down food or invitations, etc., from others; I hate this when she is responding to me and my requests for help at home 😉). She is an artist and she is so creative. Her "projects" involve scissors, glue, all the crayons, all the colored pencils, empty bags, string -- all of the time.
Emmy still has some time to tell us what she's all about, but Sister has been showing us more of her true colors lately, and Sister is strong. SO STRONG. I knew this from 8-weeks-old but I think I have to really understand how strong she is. She climbs everything. If she gets hurt, she rarely cries - Sis just rubs the owie and keeps walking. Emmy doesn't take anything lying down -- if you take Emmy's toy, she'll rip it back and hit you for good measure. She adores her sisters (she's going to struggle when school starts)! She kisses them, cuddles them, and hugs them. She LOVES her sisters.
I love that we have "flavors" in our family -- that each girls' looks and demeanors are so different. The only difficult part about it for me, really, is the disciplining. I'm learning that I can't correct my girls in the same way. How do you tame earth, water, and fire? Not in the same way, that's for sure. Same story here with my three beauties. Olivia needs to debate, Claire needs to calmly (almost quietly) discuss, and Emmy? Well, she gives a mean, swift bite if you try to correct her right now, soooo? We'll see. :) 

I LOVE these girls. My three (verrrrry different!) girls. 


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