Monday, June 18, 2018
Ryan sent me a sweet text about an hour ago: "Love, thank you so much for such a fun Father's Day weekend. It couldn't have been better. I love you!!!"

And, yes, those three !!! are really his, which means he was really feeling the love, which made me smile. I've been having this running conversation via Marco Polo with one of my best friends from law school about love languages, and we were laughing about how you think you've figured yourself and your spouse out and then, ka-poof, something happens (or doesn't happen?? haha) and you realize there's more to learn about loving them and feeling loved. Yet after a weekend like this one, it's SO EASY to see that my man just needs his time with his little family. Ry's a "quality time" guy through and through.

We spent our entire Saturday tromping around San Diego together - we saw new things, ate new food - all day long, and then our Sunday was as chill as can be. After church, we cuddled up together for a Sunday show and naps under his Father's Day present - a king-sized blanket as soft as butter! - and then Ry snoozed. Between the family play time, some chill time, and nap time, he was one happy man (!!!)...
I found Claire just drooling over him like that while he slept and it totally melted me. She did it -- Miss Bear put all of our emotions for our husband and daddy into one perfect expression right there. We adore our Daddy. 💛

Love you forever, sweet Ry (!!!) Happy Father's Day!

PS, a Father's Day from the archives. Cannot believe how much my Olivia and Claire have grown! This old post from Father's Day when Olivia was a BABY made my heart swell, too. Seriously where has the time gone?!


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