Monday, June 11, 2018
I'm wrapping up my 7-day fast from social media tonight with a skip in my step -- it was so good to take another "break from the fake," mostly because now I know why I want to go back to it. 

I can sum up the reason real quick for ya: the tabs. I love that I can keep tabs on so many friends from every single era of my life. I mentioned that back here in my "contrast post," per se (my post about how/why social media doesn't serve me) -- I realized after I deleted Instagram for the first time that you really just keep tabs on people via social media, while deep and genuine connections via Instagram, for example, are harder to come by. But the keeping tabs thing is a blessing. Really it is. Social media on a whole needs to be kept in a serious check due to its perfectionism personas, comparison qualms, and time-sucking skills (it does for me, at least!), but one reason I won't quit it entirely is for the tabs. I mean, to be able to see so many people from my life that have meant so much to me is a gift. And to comment on their joys and successes and to like their happiness - to keep loving them somehow, even just a little! - that is a gift. 

Like my law school people - our "Forever Framily" (friends + family)...

And my beloved Jerusalem Crew (SURGE!)...
And my darling college roomies...
And - wait for it - my high school peeps!
I can tell you something wonderful and challenging, even, about these friends' lives thanks to social media. And if I had pictures of my elementary school and Jr. High girl squad, I'd include them, too, since I'm even in touch those girls thanks to the 'Gram. Moving to San Diego wasn't half as bad as it could have been since Instagram kept me in touch with the women I met here during our 2016 San Diego summer. I've gotten to know some incredible business women through Instagram, whose friendships I still get to cherish, all thanks to that little app. And then there's my cousins! Knowing what's going on with my cousins, aunts, and uncles has done so much for me, especially since I've lived away from them all for so long. Keeping tabs on my extended family via IG is especially sweet for me. 

So is social media all bad? Heavens no. Aside from the tabs, I'm grateful for the place social media has given to me quickly and easily speak up and share special, happy things in my life. You just need to know why you're drawn to social media and if it's really serving your needs. Then you have to nail a balance with it all -- your kind of balance.

Feeling grateful tonight that my big Instagram breaks have helped me find the right balance for my life right now. I'm going to keep up with the more honest, consistent writing over here on my blog; I'll leave the short updates and the tab keeping (!) for Instagram. 

Feels good to be in a good spot! All is well. 💛   


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