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Oh don't worry -- I've just had this post sitting in my Drafts for ONE YEAR. πŸ’πŸ˜‚ See the Honey House up there?? I snapped these photos when Emmy was just a few weeks old with the hope to share this post immediately, but ahhhh well! Better late than never (my crazy life's motto. No shame there)!

Anyway, I'm thinking the same thing today as I was one year ago, which is that it'd be fun to chat about some bomb baby products that I got for Emmy before her arrival. And by "bomb" I mean baby products that I had already tried with Olivia and Claire and absolutely loved, and products that simultaneously fit into the "budget bombing" category -- the ones that at first sight you're like, Whaaaa?! Is that worst it?? It is expensive! Because you and I both know that category exists...

It's no secret that businesses target new moms. And if their product(s) can't target new moms, then they wish it could, because you and I also know that, for better or worse, we new moms give it all for our new babies. Two can play the game, though. I rarely go for the super expensive, trendy stuff when it comes to baby gear, simply due to knowing that the business guys on the other end are just out to snag me (proud approach, I know, but I can't lie)! Most of the following popular, expensive-ish baby goods are an exception, though. After having two babies, I knew which hype products I needed to have for Emmy, and what I wanted to try based off of other mom's stories. Not all of them have my 5-stars but most do. Read on to see which ones do and don't and why!

First up: All Over Ointment and Nursing Salve by Tubby Todd
Rating: 5 Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Buying advice: Get them
You'll never go back to another skin cream/ointment after trying the All Over Ointment. It clears up diaper rash way better than Desitin and Butt Paste (so long as the rash isn't a yeast infection -- found via experience). I put the ointment on my face when I break out and it even takes care a'those sweet things. And the nursing salve is amazing. Waaaaay better than the mainstream creams. I've given it a part of baby shower gifts for the last two years, and the friends I've gifted it to attest -- it is good stuff! Get some! (PS, I just went to link the Nursing Salve, and I guess you can only buy it now via the Mama Gift Set. Kind of frustrating, although everything else in the gift set is good, too, so? Ah well)!

Next up: the Nose Frida
Rating: 5 Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Buying advice: Get one
This thing will either be news to you or an old hat -- it seems like people totally know and love the Frida or have never heard of it. So in case you're in the latter camp, allow me to make all of your boogery-nose dreams come true by intro'ing you: Meet Frida! She sucks out all the junk. ALL of it and she's slick about it. You just suck in deep, mama, and all the snot from baby's nose comes right out (it's both so disgusting and SO satisfying, because who wants their baby to be stuffed up?! Nobody)! I'll never ever use one of those bulb-sucker things that they give you in the hospital ever again, even though it's free. Get a Frida (and get it at Target. It's a few dollars cheaper there than on Amazon)!

Next up: the Solly Baby Wrap
Rating: 5 Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Buying advice: Get one
All the hype is true about Solly Baby -- their wraps are perfect. Their colors and patterns are always on-point. My babies have loved them, ONCE they are adjusted. I thought for a second about giving the Wrap 4 Stars, simply because of the adjustment phase, but ultimately I had to keep it at 5. I honestly love this product. Get past the first few times wearing the Wrap and you will, too. I got one of the first Solly Wraps for Olivia when she was 6-months old, but Claire and Emmy were wrapped from day one and they love the Wrap. You may look at the price and gasp (that much for a big piece of fabric?!), but get one. Why? Looks aside, the fabric is super breathable. I wore Emmy in her Wrap all last summer -- in the middle of burning hot St. George. We used the wrap every day. In fact, I'm still using it -- Emmy hiked in the Wrap last week! Everyone needs a Wrap. Especially if you have more than one baby to love on, because with the newborn wrapped up you can be hands-freeee. Get one.

Next up: the Dock-A-Tot
Rating: 3 stars πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ
Buying advice: Maybe get one
I'm mixed about the Dock-A-Tot! The product is marketed as a miracle worker, in that it will help your baby sleep longer, but it did not help Emmy sleep longer. But Emmy was a hard baby, remember? If Claire, my easy baby, would've had the Dock, would she have slept even better and even sooner?? See, that's what I don't know. So I don't know what to tell you on this one. If you can borrow a Dock before buying one, I'd definitely go that route. Find out if your baby loves it before dropping the $$$. My one caveat there, though, is that if you are certain you want to co-sleep, then I'd definitely get a Dock for you. It is a great buffer - I never worried about rolling onto Emmy - and it is soft (I'd often lay down right on the side of the Dock and smooch Emmy while she slept). So -- for the sake of making your baby sleep longer, I don't know if the Dock is the answer. For the sake of co-sleeping with ease, the Dock is your answer! Hence my 3 Star rating and my maybe buying advice. Borrow first if you can! Then maybe get one.

Next up: Saraoni Blankets
Rating: 5 Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Buying advice: Get at least one
See those gorgeous blankets draped over that basinet?? One is a swaddle and one is a blanket from Saranoni and they are magic. Just like the Solly Wrap, you may look at the price and go ?!? but I say go for it anyway, at least for the lush blanket (Emmy has this one in the receiving size). Their swaddles are stunning, but swaddles are swaddles, in my opinion -- almost anything goes there. However, that lush blanket cannot be beat. Emmy has slept with it nearly every day of her life and she's attached now (yay)! Baby isn't going to know the difference between blankets, I know, but the more you get to cuddle your baby all wrapped up in that cloud the more you and baby will love it. It also kept Emmy perfectly warm during the winter, which was awesome. Spoil yourselves on this one and get one!

Next up: Noni & V Mattres Cover
Rating: 5 Stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Buying advice: Get one
I didn't get anything from a small shop or anything handmade for Olivia or Claire, but since we had a few extra dollars to drop this go-round, I did with Emmy -- that cute crib sheet from my girlfriend's Etsy shop, Noni & V. Isn't it darling?? It felt like I was pampering my Emmy Baby every time I put her down. Her little bed was simply so sweet to look at and the fabric is super soft. Again, Baby herself isn't going to know that her bedding is adorable, but you know what? I do! I have to live with the baby gear more than anyone (I'm the one cleaning it all the time!), and I wanted to just enjoy more of the whole newborn experience with Emmy, so I made a point to get things that I simply liked looking at. Plus having something handmade, even via the crib sheet, gave Emmy's newborn gear an extra special touch, which I loved. I'll forever think of my friend, Ness, when I see that cover (it takes a village)! If you can get just get one thing handmade or custom made for baby - a monogramed smock! a pair of leggings! a crib sheet! - get one.

Rating: 5 GAJILLION stars🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Buying advice: get one (of your own)!! :)
Oh that darling girl! I so miss her at this age and simultaneously am so obsessed with the 1-year-old that she is. Mmmmm, I love my Emmy!!! πŸ’›

Allllright that's a wrap! πŸ™Œ Happy Friday, friends. Thanks for reading. Hope my tried-and-true opinions here can help some of you make up your mind before you pull all the baby-gear triggers. 




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