Thursday, March 29, 2018
Heaven is blooming ranunculus. If you don't believe me, just take a second to slowly scroll through the 101 photos below. Okay, they're aren't really 101, but it may feel like there are the first time you scroll through. ;) No apologizes, though: these flowers are incredible. I was sucked into their beauty this week and couldn't help but take photo after photo after photo. 

I love ranunculus - the flower in general and this bunch in particular. They have brightened up my home and brought me so much joy! The only other thing that wants to spill out of my heart is that I wish I could make 101 copies of them and deliver them to you, my friends. Flowers lift the soul. Maybe it's because flowers typically stretch up, symbolically drawing the heart to heaven. Maybe it's because they're literally soft, giving the mind a safe place to land. Either way, I wish I could bring them to your home, along with a hug and an "I love you." Heaven knows we're all struggling somehow. Which one of us can't use a little lift?  

You know...I think I will "deliver" these little gifts. This may be the sweetest or cheesiest idea I've ever had (you pick), but I'm going to text or email or message a number of these photos to friends in my life who need to know that I love them and/or that they're going to be okay. Want to join?? Right-click and save any of the images you want and send away. "Flowers for friends." They may be photos, but why not? 💛

Scroll slowly -- you'll see that no two photos are the same. Each capture is just a little different than the next. Each one stole my flower-loving heart...


  1. Such beautiful flowers!! So cheery!

  2. Jeni, you are my kind of person! Those flowers are the lovliest! Makes my day!


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