Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My sister, Elise, intro'd a fun game to my sister, Kimbee, and me over Christmas break -- it's called the "N' Stuff" game, and all ya do is add the phrase after, well, everything you say. So when you're asking your friend about her shirt, you say "Hey where'd you get your shirt n'stuff?" -- and you say "n' stuff" just as cool as ever. The kicker? Don't laugh after you say it. 



Sooo I'm just popping in here to talk about planners n' stuff. I have a vision for 2018 n' stuff, and it's so good, so long as I can keep myself focused and grateful and planned-out n' stuff. 

๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‰ (it's a great game in person -- play it)!

Alllright to be serious, I huddled up with a few of you friends on an Instagram Live last Saturday night to answer some questions I got about planning my day-to-day in 2018. I also shared my inspiration for setting my goals this year. Since both are thoughts I had hoped to just blog, actually, I figured that I'd summarize the convo here since that was my initial desire and the Live is non-existent now. Because we had a good convo! I'd love to further share...

- I'm planning hourly in 2018 -- LOOSELY. I have 3 little bambinos that throw wrenches into schedules, just because they're kids (which is why I've never even thought to plan my day hourly before). But this year, every day I'm writing out my ideal day with attached hours (so 7 AM - scripture study, 12 PM - naps, 7 PM - dinner etc.), so that my day stays as focused and productive as possible. If the gigs go down at different times because of those thrown wrenches, so be it. At least my day will be anchored and focused.I am guaranteed to make progress every day (yay).

- Because, I need my days to be more efficient for the sake of bringing my hobbies and passions back into my every day. I've been waiting for life to simmer down - for the boat to stop rocking so much - before I made time for me again. But that's essentially asking for life to be perfect, which HA, will never be. So it's time I just started acting and doing my very best to maximize every day's minutes.

- I envision a much more productive year ahead (more projects checked off, more ventures pursued, more deliberate adventures with my babies, more quality time with my Ry) with much more time saved versus wasted. It's going to be good!

- I read this article from our late prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, and it all clicked: I'm going to set goals for 2018 based off of where I already am - goals strictly centered around good changes I can make. I usually choose totally abstract goals - things that totally need to be created from nothing - but this year I'm evaluating me RIGHT NOW, choosing where/how I want to become more competent, and running there. 

- "Where's your planner from?" -- Target. I can't find my exact planner online, but this one is similar. And I mentioned in the Live that if you're a super planner, check out Golden Coil (my friend's biz) and build the planner of your dreams. Wish I could do that this year, but maybe next!

- Grocery delivery. I don't know if it's the new year or what, but I am finally jumping on that bandwagon!

- My postpartum recovery with Emmy. The topic was brought up and I have a lot to share there, so I think I'll do another IG Live Video all about it in a couple weeks and wrap it up in a blog post, just like this shindig. I'll keep you posted!


PS, these three? ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’ฅ


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