Thursday, January 4, 2018
Well! Another year has gone byyy (cue Celine). I really can't believe it. Now that it's over (haha, isn't that how it always goes?), 2017 was a fast year. It was also a brutal year, so I'm honestly okay that it's outta here. In fact it was only until a couple days ago that I remembered how positive the year was after hearing Ryan rave about it. Shame on me, I know, for not being that optimistic about it (my mind had been jumping to "exhaustion" and "exhaustion" when reflecting on the year), but it was just a trying, trying year for me, so it was good to hear Ryan talk about how much he loved it and all the good we experienced. Because it's true. Peppered in all of the 2017 hard were some beautiful things. Reviewing the year for this blog post is really sealing that deal for me (blogs are so good for that reason). We did have a beautiful year, Ry! We had a beautiful, beautiful year...

We were still in New York City at the year's start! Remember when we lived there for 3 weeks during Christmas break?? PARTY.

Then we were in Spain for the last week of Christmas break, just Ryan and me. And EMMY in the bump. I can't believe she was ever smooshed in there!
I was MIA on this here blog -- I was just on the last leg of growing my sweet baby before March hit, y'all...

Precious Emmy Eve finally, finally joined our party. I tell you what, the first week of Emmy's life was the best week of the entire YEAR for our family. But really.
Adjustments! Things got real with three babies and postpartum life. Ahem. :) (All of those pictures still kill me!)
Daddy graduated from law school!!! That was a really big day. 
We said goodbye to our Charlottesville. Cue the tears. We will NEVER forget our lives there!
We lived in the pools of Sunny St. George. And by "we" I mean the girls and me and Ryan's family -- Ry was locked away in my parent's house studying for the CA Bar Exam from May - July. 
Our Emmy was blessed! Baby Girl was INTO it, hahah
We traveled a tad (yayyy)! The Bar was behind us and we hit up Sundance with  my family (not pictured but def not forgotten) and Yellowstone with our little family. 
Miss Olivia turned 5! We had a little party and Ryan and I gawked at how our baby was suddenly grown up. GUYS. It goes so fast!
Said goodbye to our stint of life in St. George. Being in transition for five months was not the greatest of parties, but how grateful we are to our families that took us in and for that summer-fall that taught us how to be patient for a sec.
Then off we went to Sunny San Diego!
We moved in, adjusted again, Ryan started working, Ryan passed the Bar (!!!!), I got so sick (not !!!!),  I recovered, and we went home for Christmas. My history already wants to cry a little that I don't have a drop documented from our first couple of months here in SD that comprised the last couple months of the year, but then again, I'm just glad I'm alive and that I'll be alive for a long time -- we'll make up for lost time with lots more pics later, I'm fairly sure. :) 

Yep 2017, you were a beautiful thing. I don't want you back, but I do thank you for coming and making me into a MUCH different woman. For all the reasons (alll the feels!), you'll always be remembered. 💛 

Now bring on this new year -- can't wait to get to know you, 2018!


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