Thursday, October 5, 2017
Well, Fall is HERE. I'm a Summer girl, 1000%, but you can't deny that Fall is a heart throb. It used to be my favorite season, actually. I grew up in Utah County, and being in a world that actually, really had a Fall of course gave me a special love for Autumn time. But after acclimating (literally) to St. George and the glorious feeling of heat on our skin, and then after becoming a mother and experiencing how stifling winter can be with little babes, Summer won me over. Gimme a local pumpkin patch with my chicklets, though (and some stellar pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!) and let me tell you...

...Fall is a bit of a dream. 💫
Um, EMMY. Quit it, you doll!
All y'all, you three lil pumpkins, you stop slaying your mother with your perfection or ELSE. ;)
This quick Fall shindig went down at Frei's Fruit Market - a gem of our sweet Santa Clara. Elise skipped up there with us in between sessions of General Conference last Saturday. Everything is better with Auntie Elise around (pic's blurry, but I still love it)!
Love you, Fall (yes, I said it)! :) Here's to a few more days spent like this in your charm. 💫


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