Friday, September 15, 2017
I got my first haircut since having Emmy last week (oh how it was time ๐Ÿ˜Œ). Since you always talk deep with your hairdresser, I asked her what she wish she would've done differently as a mom when her girls were little. Of all the things (her girls are adults now), said she would've "written down the funny things they said. I scrapbooked all the time. I have a hundred photos of them, but I don't have record of their funny phrases and sweet comments, and so much of what they said made up our lives, and made them who they were then...I miss that part of them now!"

Well, talk about a shot through the heart (bless you, Deanne). I have a hundred photos of my girls. And yes! They are saying hilarious, wonderful, crazy, things all the time. And yet, nooo! I've barely captured their perfect voices here. Rarely do I write down the things they say and I need to start writing down the things they say. Because they really are perfect-to-me little girls, and while I blog motherhood and life here in part to help them as future women and moms, maybe one of the most helpful things for them later will be looking back through this lens to relish and remember themselves as the little girls - who they were, what they said, that they were perfect (especially in their mama's eyes) - and that they always will be. 

CLAIRE SAYS. Claire is nearly 3 and feisty and tender and sneaky and funny. I've never known a more confident, more charismatic Claire. She is a gatherer and collects allll the small things (and puts them into piles in random places. All over the house). I cherish my Claire!

(While standing on my bed, looking into the opposing mirror. She didn't know I was there) "Ohhhh I am CUTE. I am the cutest girl there ever was!!!

(She spins) "And I am FAST.

(She jumps) "And I am STRONG!

(She smiles, flips her hands up, and shakes her hair) "And I am the nicest, best, girl in the world." ๐Ÿ˜Œ
OLIVIA SAYS. Olivia is almost five and she is thriving. She is my bold and brave baby doll and bug lover (like that snail - of course she found it and claimed it). She's never been so obedient and helpful and funny. She and I have never been closer. I love my Olivia!

(While falling sleep the other night) "Oh Mom, I love Jesus, too...(Thinking)...except for his hair. I really don't like His long hair!

(Whispering) "Actually I probably shouldn't have said that. He can hear me and that probably hurts His feelings!" ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
LOVE YOU, MY SWEET GIRLS. You're perfect. Now and for forever.


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