Friday, September 15, 2017
What would we do without water. Seriously, though. We lived at the pool this hot hot summer, and I've never been so grateful for water in my life. I took the girls almost every day when Ryan was studying for the Bar. The big girls would suit up in floaties, Emmy and I would watch from the side in the shade (and eventually nap. Well, Emmy napped. I snugged). Or, we'd luck out and Ryan's mom and brothers would come - then the girls would not suit up in floaties and instead swim their little hearts out with The Uncles and Grandma by their sides. Emmy and I would still watch from the side in the shade (next summer she'll be old enough for that bright sun and sunscreen), so happy for the chance to be outside in that water. 

Then Daddy finished the Bar and where'd we go on the daily? Back to the pool. Ryan is a water man. Which is why waving to us from inside the house while we drove away to swim on the daily could've killed him. Thank GOODNESS the Bar ended, and he got to live at the pool for just a little bit, too... 

Those SISTERS up there! Olivia and Claire became awesome swimmer buddy-babes this summer. I'm just sa'proud. :) And so in love with them. The're better friends than ever.
EMMY! Baby Girl got pool time whenever the water was shady enough. She loved it. Can't wait for her to really take the water plunge next summer.

PS, she is SIX MONTHS OLD TODAY. How?!? 
 She's a raspberry blower, this girl. Mmmmm she is so LOVED!
Love you forever, water/aqua/eau/wasser (yes I just looked up all of those translations). Summer, never end!!!

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