Monday, July 17, 2017
Our precious Emmy Eve was given a name and a blessing on Sunday, just after church at my parent's home in the company of our immediate families. "Baby Blessings" are customary in my faith - a sweet little tradition we carry out, primarily as a nod to this scripture here, but it's an old custom (IE the naming of John the Baptist here) - and as a mama, it's something I so look forward to. The Spirit is close. There is a keen feeling heaven is near, and that heaven always has been in my baby's behalf. I totally believe that my children have a past - a heavenly past - and that my job as a mother is to just nurture their divine nature out in full. So hearing what their personalities are like (slash, what they have been like for ages!), what their missions are in life, and how much their Heavenly Father loves them pulls at my mother heart in the best possible way. 

Emmy's sweet blessing was as tender as they come. I am so grateful for this strong soul. She is precious!

Emmy and Daddy. Emmy gets most of her looks from that guy right there - the long limbs, the long face and the almond-ish eyes. Lucky girl! ๐Ÿ˜
My sweet mom helped me prepare the blessing clothes, and while looking through her box of Baby Blessing goods (the woman had six kids -- she has the goods!), she found the teensy, tiny 14K gold ring that she got for me on my blessing day. I couldn't have thrown it on Emmy's finger faster. It was the most special, daintiest detail!
 Heart BURSTING. Emmy!!! Can't express my love enough for this little woman. ๐Ÿ’ž I'm so honored to be her mother.
The big girls were troopers - kind of? ๐Ÿ˜‚ While they physically left the ice cream party that followed the blessing to snap a few pics as a family, they were (clearly) mentally CHECKED OUT. Emmy wins, though - Baby Girl mentally and physically checked out! She conked right after the blessing, the sweet thing.

We squeezed the below photo outta them (barely!) and they were off. Ryan's brothers - "the Uncles" - were calling. Can't compete with those guys.
This one kills me. Emmy!!! (I think I'll say her name in an obsessed-with-you tone for the rest of her life) Dream and drool big, my baby.

So grateful that my sweet grandparents are close enough to pop in for these kind of events. They live just up the street - he's the Grandpa Great with the cows and she's the Grandma Great with the cutest house, according to my girls - and how we love them.
Now that I'm writing this, I'm wondering how on earth I didn't get a picture of the whole group -- ?! ๐Ÿ˜ Bless my tired mama heart (next baby)! Just let it be known that having our parents, Ryan's siblings, and my grandparents there was so special for us. Being enshrouded by our families this whole summer long has been quite the novelty and such a blessing in its own right. Families! Such a gift. 

You are loved, Emmy Eve. Fiercely and forever. Thank you for coming to our little family. We could not be more complete for the next while. Can't wait to see your incredible life unfold, my dear. All is well, all is well!


  1. oh how I love this post Jeni! That little Emmy is bound for greatness. We love the Awerkamps!

    1. And we love our Freemans so! Can't wait for you to come stay in your very own room in SD. :) <3


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