Monday, July 10, 2017
Hiii friends! 

So glad I'm here - back at the blog - even if it's just for a second. Miss Emmy is squawking at a stuffed bunny on the floor next to me, so I've got as much as time to write here as she and her little friend have time to chat ๐Ÿ˜Œ.

I wanted to pop in and share a short, easy lesson to use when teaching your family about God's temples today - the purpose of temples and answers to FAQ's about temples. Ryan and I spoke in church yesterday all about temples, and in my personal prep to speak, I took the girls to the St. George Temple's grounds and we had the best, sweetest conversation about temples. They asked me allll the questions, and I was challenged in providing them true, concise, simple answers (of course I studied up on temples throughout the week in prep)! I figured if I can simplify and clarify the temple to the point that THEY can understand, I could convey some facts and feelings to a crowd of babes, teens, and grown-ups, too, yeah?

You can read the questions and elaborate on the answers to fit your family's needs -- it'll make for a good time (specially if you read my girls' questions exactly as they asked them, which is exactly how I wrote them below ๐Ÿ˜‰). All of my aanswers were sourced here.


Oooh it's so pretty! What is the temple for again? A temple is 1) a house for Heavenly Father on Earth - it is so clean and so sacred, so that God's presence can have a place on earth and 2) a place of learning and peace for us!

What do you even do in the temple?? You 1) learn more about God's plan of happiness, specifically what He needs you to do to make it back to the Celestial Kingdom of heaven, which is the part of heaven where Heavenly Father lives. 

IE, you receive an endowment from Heavenly Father in the temple - an endowment is a gift! - a gift of instructions to make it back to Him. Heavenly Father gives you the how-to's, and you give Him your word in return that you'll do your best to follow His path and make it back. 

You 2) get married in the temple! A temple marriage lasts through death. It is eternal!

You also 3) help others that have died make the special promises with God, so that they have access to the Celestial Kingdom, too (that's why we do family history work! Another lesson for another day) 

Why do you have to be a grown-up to go into the temple? Why can't I got into the temple RIGHT NOW? The temple is 1) super reverent, and it's easier to be reverent for a long time when you're a grown-up and 2) the temple is to a university as primary is to elementary school. You have to be ready to learn a lot in the temple, and ready to make those special promises of obedience to Heavenly Father. 

You also need to be baptized before going into the temple -- you've got to be totally clean before going into such a totally clean place. Grown-ups have to work their entire lives to stay clean enough to go into the temple, too. Being "worthy" to go into the temple, no matter how old you are, means that you're following God's commandments and keeping your mind, body, and spirit clean.

Mommy, why do you even like the temple? INSERT YOUR ANSWER HERE (run with the wind, Bullseye ๐Ÿ™Œ)!

The answer below is mine...

The temple is an incredible, special place. Life gets hard, and I am grateful to know that I really can make it here on earth - AND back to Heavenly Father - because of what is taught in the temple. Heavenly Father's tools for not just surviving, but THRIVING in life are given to us in temples. That gives me hope - true hope. I will live with Heavenly Father again because of the temple. For one, I'm determined to get there (!), and the temple has given me exactly what I need to know and do to literally get back to God. 

I love that Ryan and I were married in the temple. If keep the promises we made to Heavenly Father when we were married, then we will never be apart. We're never going to lose each other or our precious little girls. Our family is literally destined for "forever."

I love the peace and healing that I've experienced in the temple. "And the blind and the lame came to the temple and he healed them" (Matthew 21:14) -- that scripture was written for me, I tell you. I have had answers to prayers pour into my mind in the temple. I have felt so much peace there. It is beautiful, clean, and perfect. My soul is home in the temple.  I love letting go of the world and tough ol' Life for a minute by being in the temple. The temple is God's house. And I love it.


Read another great article on the temple here.

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See interior photos of the recently dedicated Paris, France, temple here!

Cheers to learning and teaching. AND doing and being, right? ๐Ÿ˜Š


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