Sunday, March 5, 2017
If my scripture journal could talk, it'd say "Hello again, Blog!" since it's had quite the hiatus over here. Which, sheesh, makes me sad! I was so consistent with this itty bitty, "Sweet is the Word!" scripture study series for so long (see when I started the series HERE and all relevant posts HERE). Traveling in December-January threw me off. My reasoning for not sharing then is kind of silly, though...I never had good pics of the study scene! I study early when we travel since we're out all day, and how awesome is a photo of my scriptures on my lap in a darkish room? It's not. So I wouldn't snap a pic. But what's a post without a pic?? It's bleh. So I didn't post.

February rolled around - we were home again, and I was studying per usual with the girls most days, and without them in the early morning on other days - but then some fear struck. I honestly felt a hesitancy to come back here with my little spiritual thoughts. Were they wanted or needed? (age-old, fear-based Q for me over here, can you tell? 😌) I recently pushed those questioning thoughts out of the way, though (as I always have to do), because I want to share these my faith, no matter the reception. My faith-centered posts are as close to messages in bottles as it gets - tossed out with no expectation of a return. And I imagine they always will be.

Because really, I don't share these scripture study posts, or any post about my faith, to teach, preach, or to have someone agree with me. I share what I believe in + what I'm learning spiritually around here because so much of my faith is me. I feel a strong connection with + comfort from God as I get gritty and work to be a faithful woman, like by spending daily time with His word. As a result, I feel a whole lot of gratitude for Him for responding to me, which then pumps me full of desire to turn and pay His love forward somehow. If sharing His love and comfort can give Him any credit for the way He cares for me, heavens, I will share. If sharing His love for me helps you feel His love, too, heavens. I will share!

The end/amen. No more explanatory jabbering. Back to "Sweet Is the Word!"


Pic via: my living room floor. I read there one morning as Claire ran around in pretend-mode, just after getting home from taking Olivia to school. And Claire was literally running. All around. Hence there being no trace of that girl below. :) 

Entry from Monday, February 25
"Behold doth he say unto any...Depart from me? Nay; but he saith: Come unto me."

I don't realize how often I think that Christ does say "Depart from me," or "Please keep your distance, I'm helping someone else," until I realize that so often, I think that way. As much as I absolutely know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me, I do fall prey to the thought that They probably don't want to be bothered with my concerns, or They can't be, because my issues are so trivial compared to others' out there. 

But here I'm reminded that They just don't operate that way. Christ doesn't tell anybody to "just calm down and figure things out -- sorry, I'm busy over here." No, He says, "Come." 

I'm grateful for that. And grateful for this reminder. Truly, problems and concerns and all, "All are alike unto God" (verse 33). 

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  1. So happy it's back! LOVE your thoughts... always and forever.


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