Friday, February 24, 2017
Hi Blog! Hi Friends! ๐Ÿ‘‹

It's been a month since I've been here, which has me feeling a little baffled and a lot sad. My pregnant body semi crashed after doing NYC and Espana - too weak to fight off every little germ floating around in the atmosphere, I swear - and I've been TIRED in the evenings, which is when I tend to give this space time. But seriously, the absence has made me sad...largely because one of my bigger goals for 2017 is investing more of my time and creativity and dreams into my blog (and I haven't touched it in a month? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ) It's okay, though! I read an article recently about how your goals can get demolished by life come February's end, and if/when that happens, you have two choices: "1) wallow, keep making excuses, and continue the downward spiral or 2) get it together, evaluate what happened, and course correct."  

So spot on, right? I've resorted to Option 1 plenty of times - I think it takes a good year of practicing to push to Option 2 when it comes to goals. Luckily practice makes progress, and I'm trying to course correct, rather than stay stuck and give up on some of my more stretching goals for the year, like investing more in my blog. I've always considered my blog to be a priceless record for our family, especially for Olivia, Claire, and Baby Girl. Picturing them as new mothers looking back here at their lives and my life as a new mother drives me to stick around and share here (can you imagine reading your mom's feelings and seeing her adventures from the day you were born?? I'd love nothing more)! 

But the opportunity a blog offers to connect with other women is calling my name, too, and I've wanted to do more life-talking around here in addition to the adventure-logging. I have some content ideas in mind - a few things that I want to share and hear your thoughts on, too - topics like running our homes, raising our beautiful, lil wild things children ๐Ÿ˜‰, and rocking self-care. And personal topics, like marriage, business stuff, and creative dreams. If sharing more day-to-day content on surviving and thriving in this job as "Jeni" can connect me with + help another sister out there now, I'd be thrilled. And when my girls can look back at their young Mama, and gain some courage to make their lives as women and moms as rocking as they can, I'll be 1000% fulfilled. 

I expect to be slammed with all the vulnerable feelings (is anybody even going to care? Will the girls even care??), because that's alllllways how effort to do better is met, but whatever. This approach to my space online is what I really want to do, so I'm going to do it. 

Is there any goal calling your name this year that you're itching to get after? Speak, sister (inspire me)! And if by chance you've lost some ambitious steam and your goal-getting efforts have slowed, no big. We'll jump back on the bandwagon together. ๐Ÿ˜˜


Pics via: last summer, when I was steamrolling at the COLOR BLOCKS goal with my gals. Never got around to sharing these gems before! Goood times. 



  1. In January I set some goals for healthy eating/exercising/getting to a happy weight...I did awesome and lost 10 lbs! In February, I plowed through an entire bag of Costco chocolate chips and lost 0 lbs...haha! In March I'm not keeping chocolate chips in the house ;).

    1. Hahah I KNOW that chocolate chip bag! It is evil. And I'll be right there with ya on that happy-weight goal in juuuust a couple weeks, sister...(let's run together)! XOX

  2. I just found your blog through Alexa Z's IG. I love the way you write. To bad we live in Bay area instead of SD California! I love new starts and make goals in January, on my birthday, new semesters, new season, etc. I need them frequently for constant course correction. My word for the year is receive: forgiveness, kindness, help, inspiration, etc. Right now i need to work harder to serve, and teach my children to. I'm sure I'll find more ideas as i con through your blog!


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