Monday, January 9, 2017
Rounding out our NYC Christmas trip in this post! Kind of. The photos below definitely don't cover all that we did during our 17 days there, but I'll take them. Luckily I blogged pretty regularly during the trip - see the other posts here, here, here, and here. Also, by my standards, I posted about a million Instagrams. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We also have VIDEO from this trip! In no particular order, the little video below includes footage from: Central Park - playgrounds, ice skating, and just making our way through that beauty. Two carousels (the girls are obsessed with them) - one in Bryant Park, one in Central Park. Walking the dazzling city streets. A Shake Shack lunch in Grand Central Station. A puppet show at the Marionette Theater (also in CP). Fireworks on New Year's Eve (also in CP). Dylan's Candy Bar. Two goofy, happy little girls, best of all...
Makes me miss it already (I love video ๐Ÿ’ซ)!

Now for some stories behind the final shots...

We spent most of the morning at Grand Central Station on one fine day, first for the darling train exhibit of Grand Central Station at the small transit museum there. It was magical.
The girls' single souvenir from the trip - a book for each of them from that museum/shop - which they both sat down to devour immediately upon purchase, just right there in the middle of the floor. :) 
Our temporary, Upper West Side apartment was a two-minute walk from Central Park (I love CP!), so we spent quite a bit of time there, both as a thoroughfare and a playground...
One fine day, we made it to the Chrysler Building (you can only visit the lobby - which is fine since it's stunning), and soaked up more of 5th Avenue's crazy-awesome holiday storefronts...
(Miss Olivia requested this shot below - her reading her book on the floor. You got it, girl.)
' ''
Ryan's law firm has an NYC office with a view, and we got to indulge one afternoon. It was aaaaamazing!
We hit up the free, Staten Island Ferry one freezing morning. It was so much fun. You ride the ferry out to Staten Island, enjoying a long view of the Statue of Liberty while you ride (!!), and then you wait for about 20 minutes at the station on the other side for the next ferry to come in. You catch that baby back to Manhattan and voila! You've had a ride on the Hudson and some time with Lady Liberty. Easy peasy. And did I say it's free?? (We tried really hard to hit sites on free days or to do free attractions. Gotta save where you can!)
We asked someone to snap our pic with the Statue of Liberty -- either Ryan's head or my pom pom is LITERALLY in front of her whole physique. I couldn't help but laugh when I checked this photo out on my camera. Looking good (somewhere!), Lady Liberty. ๐Ÿ˜‚
PS, this day was wicked cold, like I said, but we so lucked out with awesome weather overall. Especially considering that now the East Coast is coming out what feels like a deeper freezer from the weekend. Feeling grateful to have had 40 degree temps and some occasional rain the whole 2+ weeks we were there.
After ferrying, we hit up the Native American museum near Battery Park to stay get inspired (it is stunning!) and stay warm, grabbed a late lunch, and by then the world had warmed up enough that we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge! We didn't do this when we we here in August, so I was glad we spontaneously snuck it in. Crossing while the sun set was not a bad bonus, my goodness. We hadn't seen a sunset for a bit (the skyscrapers hide the sun by about 4:00 PM), so we were smitten. The glowing skyline, plus the silhouetted Lady Liberty across the water was beautiful (so much so, I didn't stop to snap pictures - just soaked it up with my eyes)!

PS, please note Olivia's grumpy face in these pics haha. She was not in the mood for a snapshot (I remember pulling this same expression at photo ops, too, when I was little - do you?)
As fate would have it, our favorite carousel in the world was glowing from the Bridge and calling our names to come down - Jane's Carousel! We rode it back in August at the recommendation of a friend and the girls have not forgotten it. It was so sweet to see their eyes light up about as bright as the building's and beg to go down for a spin.
And the sun went down on the Big City, so we trained home and bathed and snuggled up for sleep. In just a few days more, we'd say our goodbyes to the Concrete Jungle for a good made me sad! We were ready to be in our own space - it was time - but it was strange for me to look ahead and realize that our future doesn't hold much of the East Coast in its hands for a long time. Ryan's semi-unpredictable profession will keep him pretty occupied, so we being somewhere far away - and for 2+ weeks!! - just isn't on our near-future radar. Give it a few years, though, (even if "few" is 10) and we'll be back to the City. The energy of that place and the abundance of the best things to do is too good to stay away to too long. I picture a one-day trip with my one-day 10, 8, and 6-year-old girls (or older - doesn't matter)'s magical, too. It'll happen (a little mom can dream)! :)

Au revoir, NYC!

Song credit from the little video here!


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