Tuesday, December 20, 2016

MERRY CHRISTMAS. Bless this most wonderful time of year!

Sharing our card digitally again this year, since Time just didn't think I'd have space to design our card and mail it out. Time was wrong about the design part - I ended up not being able to resist and patched this year's card together one night - but regarding the mailing part...๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š

I like little update-letters with Christmas cards (my dad always said "What's a card without an update?!" - he's a man of words, after my own heart), so if I were sending the whole package out I'd be including this, too...


This year was kind of unreal. I'm sitting back here, trying to pin a word down to describe the whole 12 yards and, yes, "unreal" popped into the noggin first. I think that's due to the traveling/adventuring/going that we did. By our standards, we covered some good American ground in 2016. And we loved it.

January: spent a few weeks in UT with family! Fell in love with Snow Canyon again.

February: went all the way down the street to the grocery store -- Storm Jonas survival!

March: our South Carolinian Spring Break! Charleston and Hilton Head Island for Spring Break.

April: Virginia adventures with our Aunt Kimbee (!!!) Monticello, Williamsburg, Washington D.C. SO happy she came to stay!

May: Ryan finished his second year of law school (crazy + awesome). The girls and I loved on our stunning VA spring. We flew off to sunny San Diego for the summa!

June: SAN DIEGO. Lots of beach. Lots of sun. Lots of happy.
We get to move back to SD next fall. For good! Ryan will start working as a corporate attorney (we love his firm!), and we girls will live in the constant, blessed sunshine again.

July: UT! Since we could, we drove to see our families for a quick camping trip and the Fourth!

August: New York City, NY. Newport, RI. Boston, MA. Ogunquit, MI. Philly, PA. This was an epic trip!

September: wesettled for a second to start school (breathed in, breathed out). Shared that Tiny Baby's on the way! And Olivia turned FOUR.

October: the Outer Banks for Fall Break with our law school fam! Our Aunt Kimbee survived her accident, and she's alive and thriving (we are most grateful for that miracle this year).

November: buckled down for a second and started charging at our last goals + the end-of-the-year-work (law school finals; my for-fun projects). Claire turned TWO. We learned that Tiny Baby is a girl!!

December: literally in the middle of prepping for our final adventure of the year. Excited to max out one last East Coast Christmas out here before being West again for good (yayay)!

So much love for our family and friends -- if we learned anything throughout all the hustle and bustle of being lots of places this year it's that the people you're with wherever you are make the magic happen. Thank you for being our people (all of you!) and for loving us. Can't express how grateful we are that the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides a way for us to be together forever. We know He lives. We love Him.

XO, the Awers ๐Ÿ˜˜



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