Wednesday, December 7, 2016
I said I'd be back here to document a some of the two cents we've added to the #LIGHTtheWORLD campaign but first -- I wish I had the right descriptors for how thrilled I am with the whole thing. I love (love love!) the service prompts and ideas provided that we've been following (see here and here for the calendars we're using). The service is natural and easy enough to add to my day, and yet the small acts are sure power-packed. They are so meaningful! 

Unexpectedly, the last two months have taught me how sweet it is to serve, both via life experiences we've been having with different friends and, now, via this campaign. I posted on on Instagram here and here how it's been mine and Ryan's opportunity to be involved in helping others with more weighty situations, like abuse of prescription drugs and depression, and I'm serious about the word "opportunity" - we've been metamorphosed thanks to these good people letting us into their lives. And then on the flip side, doing simple acts of service for different people daily during the campaign so far has been just as sweet for me. I knew my soul needed the simpler kind of service the campaign was focused on - remember how I was ready to get outside of myself and serve back here? I realize now that what I was trying to say then: I was hungry for the pick-me-up acts of service that brighten someone's day almost right away. It's special, I'm learning, to have both kinds of service in your life: enduring service, like when helping a friend get out of pornography use, and immediate service, like dropping off cookies, flowers, and a picture of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus... :)
This was our #LIGHTtheWORLD loot above from December 1st, the first day of the campaign, the Worldwide Day of Service (we seriously have a hard time getting away from our favorite doorstep gifts - food, flowers, and some pictures from the girls - but I think that's okay?? ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Below - from the third day of the campaign, December 3 - I had some special time with my sweet Olivia doing manis and pedis, which was her idea (!!) and my favorite kind of place to carry out the purpose of Day 3, which was to "help others see" as Christ did. Could not love this act of service more, especially since I could dish it my little girl's way. I believe so strongly that from day one, Mom should be her daughter's biggest, most clear pair of eyes + then the loudest voice for what she sees in her girls. There isn't any affirmation that I hold back from Olivia and her sisters, because chances are, they won't hear much of the divine good that is deep down in their bones and blood from other sources. They may get sick of me telling them how beautiful, smart, driven, hard-working, sweet, and funny they are, but I will not. :) Mmm, how I love my Olivia!
And last one for now - below - Miss Claire and I today grabbing a cart load of $0.50 cans for the food bank, since Day Seven's purpose today was to "Feed the Hungry," like Christ did.  I was thinking while leaving WalMart for the food bank - after looking up where in the world it was and navigating there for some time - how I would have never planned to have done that whole shebang today. Rather, I would filled my morning with more cleaning of my house, a run with Claire in the stroller, and then a shower - all necessary, good things :) - but not things that push me out of my "known zones" and into others' unknown-to-me zones. And consequentially, today would not have been as happy.

Experiencing the enduring and the immediate ways we can serve is teaching me loads - mainly that my spirit is thriving from them and, thus, I love them both. 



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