Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Spent the evening prepping a thankful heart for tomorrow. With the exception of their Dada, these peaches are at the top of my list. They're a HOOT. I mean...

- Claire was up at 3:00 AM last night singing the Happy Birthday song to herself. Literally belting "Happy birthday to meee."
- Olivia was up at 5:00 AM with the request to be snuggled "Just because, Mom."
- Claire changed her clothes five times before picking *the one* (that happens daily).
- Olivia knows her clothes for the day before she cracks the closet.
- Claire asked if Baby Sisto was coming out today.
- Olivia told the whole OB office this AM that our baby is a girl and "we'll have THREE girls in our family now. YES I'm the oldest."
- Claire called Olivia a konky konk (their made-up word) and they laughed their heads off.
- Olivia called Claire and shum shum (their made-up word) and they laughed their heads off.
- Claire told me she wuved me and asked for one more hug as I tucked her in to sleep.
- Olivia told me I was the "BEST mom awive" after bringing her another glass of water in bed.

There are a handful of things in the real world that can sure tone down my confidence as a woman and mother, but the energy and love and friendship of my daughters is NOT one of them. I am at a loss of thankful words for describing how much my girls do for me - how much they mean to me. Take it all, Life, for so long as I have my little women by my sides (and I'm working hard to make it so), all is forever well. THANKFUL for my girls. 💛


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