Wednesday, November 30, 2016
The end of October through all of November was, behind the screens, a tough month for me. So many good things happened. We had so many highs - like my sister surviving her accident and miraculously thriving (see my Instagram posts about Kimberlee here, here, here, and here). But then there were enough stressors and one or two blows that bellowed through, too, that I went into survival mode for a while there, hanging on to Ryan and the girls and focusing fairly primarily on us. I can't remember the last time I felt such contrasting emotions at the same time for such a long time: so happy and then so stressed and sad. It drained me!

Thankfully the winds have passed enough that I can look up and out at others again, which is one of the most refreshing feelings in the world, isn't it? When your focus isn't all about your stuff and your problems and, just, you?

Makes me extra grateful for this beautiful (and, as it turns out, ironically timely) Christmas campaign from my church that's all about getting out of my world and into others': Light the World. I knew it was coming out, I knew I wanted to participate. But I did not know how personally I would need it right now. I'm so excited for it - I'm so ready! So ready to happy levels normalize again as I super intentionally focus + act out on helping others improve and not just myself.
Click on the big, pretty red banner on the side or down below if you're on mobile to watch a different video and access the campaign (I wish that peaceful song was 3x as long)!

I'm using this packet from my girls at The Small Seed - as seen in the screenshot below - to stay focused (that tree!), as well as the calendar of concrete, doable service ideas here from Mormon.org. I don't want to share all that we are going to intentionally do for others (a major part of me loves secret service - for God's eyes only), but I am going to document some of what we do so that I can immortalize the memories that this month's' service will bring, and so that the girls can look back one day and say, "Yes! We lived for others that Christmas and we loved it."

Really, though, December has to be a better month for me personally than November or else. I'm grateful to already know - deep down - that when I step out of my world and work for others' well-being, I am happy. I am full and satisfied and refreshed - emotionally and socially and spiritually.

Expecting great things. Grateful for the chance to look up and out again and serve! 💛


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