Sunday, October 16, 2016
Pic via: our beach spot in the Outer Banks this week! I took my scriptures out one afternoon when we were all sitting around, and when the crowd had dispersed somewhat and we were all doing our own thing, I pulled out the good word to feast a bit. It was delightful.
Entry from Sunday, October 16
Isaiah 58
I love this chapter. I love reading it every time I fast ("fasting" in my faith is explained HERE).

First, I'm reminded of the purposes of fasting:
Verses 6-7
- To undo bands of sin or struggle, heavy burdens, and yokes of physical and spiritual bondage (I know that feeling - of just feeling tied down by a tendency or a struggle and I just want to break free)

Then I get to see the blessings that come from fasting:
Verses 8-12
-  A persona full of light
- Good health
- Palpable personal righteousness
- The Lord's glory and protection behind me
- Answered prayers
- His comfort
- (This imagery is my favorite!) My "darkness shall be as the noonday," in other words, nonexistent!
- Constant guidance from the Lord
- Needed resources
- The ability to repair and heal (like broken feelings and relationships)

How can I not put forth a full effort in my fasts when those are the promised results? And the emphasis on coupling service while fasting is so important for me to remember, especially right now since I'm not fasting from food and serving is something I'm still totally capable of (I feel like doing family history work is a form of service that I can deliberately couple with my fasts - I need to start that venture)!

Grateful for these motivating truths and for how good God is to His children. He is so good!


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